$12 Jimmy Fund theft: 1 year in can.


Byline: George Barnes

ORANGE - An Athol man was sentenced in Orange District Court for the theft in September of $12 from a Jimmy Fund can in the lobby of the Athol Police Station.

John Hayes, 37, of Harugari Street, Athol, was found guilty by Judge David Ross of larceny of property under $250. He was sentenced Monday to one year in jail in the Franklin County Jail and House of Correction and began serving his sentence immediately after the sentence was handed down.

Athol Police Sgt. Kent A. Hager said he was surprised by the unusually harsh sentence, but said Mr. Hayes committed the theft in front of his 13-year-old son.

He and his son were in the police station lobby on an unrelated matter on Sept. 10 when he took the can from a counter in the lobby, carried it into the men's room in the front of the police station, took the money and walked out the door, leaving the can in the men's room.

Mr. Hayes picked one of the worst places to commit a theft. Sgt. Hager said the lobby of the police station is protected by video surveillance. Police did not discover the theft until later, during a routine review of the security tape. On the tape, Mr. Hayes was clearly seen taking the can...

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