131 applicants vie for clerical position.


Byline: Nick Kotsopoulos


Here's a sign of the times:

The Election Commission has received 131 applications for an open clerical position in that office, according to City Clerk David J. Rushford.

It isn't that the job pays a heck of a lot ($31,500), but during these tough economic times, hey, it's a job with benefits.

Interestingly, Mr. Rushford said 35 percent of the applicants were from outside of Worcester, with a number from out of state. He said the applicants came from as far as Texas.

The City Council Rules and Legislative Affairs Committee Tuesday slammed the door shut on an effort to place a nonbinding charter question on the Nov. 8 municipal ballot.

William S. Coleman III petitioned to have the nonbinding question so voters could have an opportunity to voice their opinion on whether the city charter needs to be reviewed.

He said the ballot question would serve more as an "academic survey" and could jolt interest in the municipal election.

But the three members of the council's Rules and Legislative Affairs Committee, led by...

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