1880s - Lincoln Square in Worcester - 2012.



WORCESTER- The railroad tracks have long since disappeared, and the layout has changed more than once - there's even a tunnel that runs under it - but Lincoln Square still serves as one of Worcester's key junctions, sending people on their way east and connecting downtown with the northern section of the city.

Long anchored by Morgan Construction Co., Lincoln Square was, and still is, a mixed-use area. The William H. Bliss Building at what is now 26 Old Lincoln St. was built after the circa-1880 photo was taken, and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Harrison Bliss Tenement House at 34 Old Lincoln St., constructed around 1880, is not visible in the photo, but is also still there. Morgan Construction was acquired by a German company, Siemens, in 2008; Charles Hill Morgan started the company in 1888 and set up shop in Lincoln Square. The Siemens unit that bought Morgan is based in Austria.

Morgan, now known as Siemens Metal...

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