$20,000 bail set for man in attack on housemate.

AuthorMurray, Gary V.

Byline: Gary V. Murray

WORCESTER -- A Northboro man charged with trying to murder his domestic partner was ordered held on $20,000 cash bail Tuesday after pleading not guilty in Worcester Superior Court.

Jose Aguilar, 32, of 1 Belmont St., Northboro, allegedly assaulted the woman and threatened her with a pellet gun replica of an assault rifle Nov. 21 at the home they shared. Mr. Aguilar was indicted Feb. 20 on charges of attempted murder, kidnapping, assault and battery, assault with a dangerous weapon, possession of a large-capacity ammunition-feeding device, threatening to commit a crime, resisting arrest and violation of a restraining order.

Mr. Aguilar allegedly committed all the offenses, except the restraining order violation, on Nov. 21. The indictment charging violation of a restraining order alleges that the crime occurred on Dec. 6, 2013, while Mr. Aguilar was in custody on the other charges.

The complaining witness sought help at a neighbor's home after allegedly being assaulted by Mr. Aguilar, according to police. Mr. Aguilar was inside the Belmont Street residence when police arrived. After negotiations, he agreed to surrender himself and throw what was determined to be a pellet gun out the...

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