$2M bail for man in heroin bust.

Byline: Bradford L. Miner

DUDLEY - A Maryland man is being held on $2 million cash bail in the Worcester County House of Correction on heroin trafficking charges after being stopped Tuesday by a state police sergeant for allegedly speeding and cutting off a cruiser coming through the Sturbridge tolls.

Jerzon M. Linares, 39, of Hyattsville, Md., was arraigned yesterday in Dudley District Court on charges of possessing five kilos of heroin with an estimated street value of up to $400,000, along with $58,000 in cash.

Sgt. Jerry J. Molet said in a police report he had to take evasive action when the driver of a 2007 Volvo XC90 cut him off coming through the toll plaza and headed east onto the Massachusetts Turnpike at more than 10 miles over the posted ramp speed of 35 mph.

The traffic stop at 4:30 p.m. revealed the driver to be someone Sgt. Molet had previously stopped in May on the northbound side of I-495 in Marlboro, Sgt. Molet said.

Sgt. Molet identified the driver in his report as Jerzon M. Linares-Moscoso.

"I explained the reason for the stop, and our prior meeting in Marlboro, and the operator acted dumbfounded and denied ever being stopped by me or another trooper. When asked for his license and registration, he reached into the glove box for a vehicle maintenance envelope and the May 2011 motor vehicle violation fell out and landed in his lap," the report said.

Shown the violation, Mr. Linares recanted his statement and recounted the entire previous encounter with Sgt. Molet and another trooper.

The report said Mr. Linares had three forms of identification, all with different addresses, and the driver said "he moved around a lot, and had just recently moved again."

Sgt. Molet said Mr. Linares told him he was headed for Lawrence to visit a friend.

"The interior of the car had trash and food scattered about indicating he had been traveling a long distance over a period of time. There were numerous air fresheners throughout and I asked if he had any objections to...

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