100 kids, 80 potential families at Assumption adoption mixer.


Byline: Kelly Glista

WORCESTER - More than 100 children awaiting adoption gathered with about 80 potential families at Assumption College for a "summer adoption mixer" Saturday.

Families began wandering through the doors of Laska Gymnasium at Assumption early in the morning for a day of workshops and casual socialization with other parents, social workers and the children.

Social workers from all over Massachusetts brought about 105 children in state foster care to the event. At the end of the day. tables were set up by each of the area social services offices where parents could request more information about a specific child. The Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange, a co-sponsor of the event, distributed a booklet of brief profiles on each of the children.

At the bottom of each profile the child finished the sentence "If I had one special wish ... " Many of the wishes were for families.

Eliot Tatelman, CEO of Jordan's Furniture, said that he was excited to be supporting such an event.

"These connections can change the life of both the children and the families," he said.

Potential parents attending the mixer had to have completed the home training program and been officially approved as adoptive parents. They were required to attend a brief...

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