'90s rockers the Offspring plays hits new and old on tour.

Byline: Andrea Honaker

One of America's most iconic punk rock bands is "Coming for You.'' The Offspring recently kicked off its spring/summer tour, which will take band members from Nashville to Poland.

Thirty years on the music scene, the group needs little introduction. Singer/guitarist Bryan "Dexter'' Holland and bassist Gregory Kriesel (aka Greg K) started up the band in California in 1984, and guitarist Kevin "Noodles'' Wasserman joined a year later. Pete Parada became the new drummer in 2007.

With their signature sound, The Offspring has produced numerous hits, including "Come Out and Play,'' "The Kids Aren't Alright,'' "You're Gonna Go Far Kid,'' "Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)'' and "Why Don't You Get a Job.'' Their latest single, "Coming for You,'' is gaining momentum on the radio.

Noodles took time out of his schedule recently to talk about the band.


"There's not been big changes. I think we're pretty slow to mature; it's something we fight against. 'Ignition' was the first record that really kind of stamped our style on something. I think the first record [1989's 'The Offspring'] really spoke to some of our own influences a little. 'Smash' was us being us. We still always go back to the hard, fast, heavy bass guitar kind of music, but we've kind of branched out, from ska to pop sounding. I think we've just kind of added to it, fleshed things out a little more.''


"We were a punk band playing in underground clubs and out-of-the-way places that really allowed punk bands to play. There really wasn't any mainstream acceptance [of punk music] until 1994.'' The 1994 album "Smash'' turned their hobby into a career. "I think the time was right for...

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