"American Sniper'' -- some love it, some hate it.


R emember the "scandal" over Ava DuVernay not being nominated for a Best Director Oscar for "Selma," although the movie was given a nod? That's now faded away in the frenzy around the blockbuster hit, "American Sniper." The latter kept making big money, even over the Super Bowl weekend! It has been nominated for Best Picture, Best Director (Clint Eastwood) and Best Actor (Bradley Cooper). At the moment of its release, even when it looked to be an undisputable hit, not too many people gave it much of a chance of winning the top award. I do think Bradley Cooper has a significant chance against Michael Keaton. They are the two to beat, in my opinion.

But now that the film has grossed even more money, putting it in the stratospheric category of fantasy 3-D blockbusters, and now that it has become a political lightning rod, the pressure is on. If "American Sniper" does not win Best Picture, prepare yourself for an onslaught from conservative pundits. They tell us that the spineless liberals in Hollywood are "afraid" to give the award to this controversial film about an "American hero," even though those same pundits are the ones who tell us Hollywood and its awards mean nothing.

"American Sniper" doesn't have to win an Oscar. It has its historic box office and even the support of first lady Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama has long worked with veterans, and she accurately noted that the movie raises a vital conversation about what our soldiers are put through. As I noted in my...

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