'And Then There Were None' worthy of respect.

AuthorKolas, Paul

Byline: Paul Kolas

'And Then There Were None'


Written by Agatha Christie, directed by Erin Morin. Presented by Gateway Players at the Barn, 111 Main St., Southbridge. Performances at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 3 and 4, and at 2 p.m. Oct. 5. Tickets: $13 adults, $11 seniors over 60 & students under 18. For reservations call 508-764-4531. With Luis (Tito) Aviles, Kristen Durham, Allen Adams, Billy Bolster, Erin Morin, Annette Lisi, Bobby Hunt, Mary Gahagan, Norman Durham, Bradley Hughes and Samuel Gonzales Jr.

SOUTHBRIDGE -- Considering that the director and producer of Gateway Players' production of Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None'' had to hastily replace two actors who were originally cast, Friday evening's performance deserves some kind of "the show must go on'' respect.

In fact, Erin Morin, the director, turned in a fiercely dedicated performance as Dr. Armstrong, one of the eight people invited by their unseen solicitor, "Mr. Owen,'' to an English country manor on barely accessible Soldier Island.

She has been invited under the pretext of caring for "Mrs. Owen.'' Vera Claythorne (Kristen Durham) thinks she's there to serve as a secretary to "Mrs. Owen.'' William Blore (Billy Bolster) initially introduces himself to everyone, with a comically animated handshake as "Mr. Davis,'' but is forced to admit that he's really a retired detective.

Philip Lombard (Luis "Tito'' Aviles), is a British military captain who purportedly was a mercenary in Africa. The elderly Emily Brent (Annette Lisi) is a righteous, Bible-thumping crank who thinks the young are mired in sin. That would include the rakish Anthony Marston (Bradley Hughes), a rich, amoral lad who loves fast cars and casts a leering glance or two in Vera Claythorne's direction.

Norman Durham and Mary Gahagan play the Rogers, the couple hired by the mysterious Mr. Owen to serve as butler and housekeeper for the weekend. General MacKenzie (Bobby Hunt), the oldest of the group, is still haunted by deliberately sending a young man to his death during World War I for having an affair with his wife. Presiding over them all, with self-appointed authority, is Sir...

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