Bengals receiver talks more trash; Johnson has fun in conference call.


Byline: Jennifer Toland COLUMN: PATRIOTS NOTES FOXBORO - Chad Johnson, the Bengals' effusive and entertaining wide receiver, relayed some trash talk to the Patriots' defense through the New England media during a midweek conference call. His message to Rodney Harrison: "I'm going to knock his helmet off." To Asante Samuel: "Make sure that he continues to have help all four quarters or his (uniform number) 22 is going to be 55. Is that what it looks like upside down?" To Ellis Hobbs: "I don't really know Ellis, so I'm going to leave him alone until I get on the field, and then I'm going to pick on him." To Eugene Wilson: "If he hits me across the middle, we're probably going to have to fight and get thrown out of the game right there on the spot." To Junior Seau: "You tell Junior when I'm done with him ... never mind. I'm not going to pick on Junior. That's not a good one. I could get hurt there." Johnson, who was held to one catch for 11 yards by Pittsburgh's double and triple teams last week, also asked Patriots coach Bill Belichick, whom Johnson referred to as "Mr. Belichick," for single coverage. "Tell him, please, if he feels free, just give me a little one-on-one," the three-time Pro Bowler said. "I won't score. I'll stop at the 1, and go out of bounds or something." Yesterday, Belichick, of all people, and Harrison had some fun of their own responding to Johnson's barbs. "Tell him that we'd cover him one-on-one all the time, but he pushes off more than any receiver in the league," Belichick said with a laugh during a rare light moment with reporters. "He must be paying off the officials not to call it, so we're going to double-cover him some, not that he can get open. As much as he pushes off, we have to do something to protect ourselves." Belichick said he's gotten to know Johnson pretty well and was obviously amused by his comments. "He's a good guy, an entertaining kid," Belichick said. "He's a playful kind of guy. That's the way he is." Belichick told a story of working Johnson out at USC before the 2001 draft. Johnson drove into the USC campus with an Oregon State (his school and Trojans' Pac-10 rival) flag waving from his car. "That's just Chad," Belichick said. Johnson also has a good relationship with Harrison, whom he called "an original, old-school trash talker." "The circus is in town, or out of town I should say," Harrison said. "He brings a sense of humor to the game and keeps...

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