'Better Without You,' by the October Accord.

AuthorInfante, Victor D.

Byline: Victor D. Infante

Sometimes a song comes back around. We first heard the October Accord's "Better Off Without You'' about a year ago, and loved it as a bright, energetic explosion of pop punk. It's a fun song, and one of the more delightfully assertive breakup songs we've heard in a while.

After not listening to the song for several months, it popped back onto the radar as a contestant in the WCCA TV show "WooTube's'' video of the year contestant.

Voting has ended in the competition, but the results won't be announced until the show's Feb. 4 season premiere. The show, which is hosted by local musicians Dale LePage and Roberta Mandella, focuses on local arts and entertainment.

But in the meantime, it was nice to rediscover this one, and to confirm that it's as fresh, vibrant and endearing as it was the first time around.

The Millville-based band -- which comprises singer Kerri Gross, guitarists Joshua...

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