$12,000 blunder; Hefty raise for school official sends wrong messages.

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The Worcester School Committee's approval of a hefty raise for the schools' chief financial officer is the wrong decision at the wrong time.

By their late-night, 4-3 vote last week approving nearly $12,000 in additional compensation for Brian E. Allen, the committee has sent a message that it is divided on the issue, unable or unwilling to conduct its affairs with full openness, and unconcerned with fiscal conservatism at a time of financial crisis.

The money involved is minor in light of the school district's multimillion dollar budget, and Mr. Allen's competence is not at issue. The point is that administrators and school board members, having repeatedly claimed the system has cut expenses to the bone, are here exhibiting a poor grasp of timing and public relations.

Committee members have argued that Mr. Allen has assumed additional responsibilities. But many in schools and other industries, public and private, have done the same, and without additional compensation. Some suggest that Mr. Allen...

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