'Breaking Bad' ends ... perfectly.


'G uess I got what I deserve,'' go the words from the "Baby Blue'' song by Badfinger.

So I had a "Breaking Bad'' weekend, with this song punctuating AMC's ending after five seasons.

I have been terribly possessive about "Breaking Bad,'' writing about it early and often and urging others to join. Finally, the world seems to have done that and "Breaking Bad'' will always be considered a classic. And it will be around for continuous viewing without my help. I actually enjoyed spending a lot of time last weekend, re-viewing the few episodes I had missed or misremembered.

I found its incredibly, sometimes horrifying, examples of lives mis-lived, to be as edifying as personal reflections. Not that many of us have such criminal natures, though we are all only too human. Considerations about little white lies, great big black ones, character, lack thereof, power and cruelty -- well, I think in the end, "Breaking Bad'' breaks down to be great literature and cinema. So if you don't know what I am talking about -- well, you have a great treat in store.

And, if you were disappointed when "The Sopranos'' ended on such an unsatisfying and mysterious note, then you won't suffer after the last "Breaking Bad.'' It was spot on, all loose ends tied up.

I still can't get over last week's episode where the...

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