Cousins urge on Milford class; Top 2 students bring different styles of inspiration.

Byline: James F. McCarthy MILFORD - They rank first and second in the Milford High School class of 2005, are first cousins and live across the street from each other. Yesterday afternoon, during an impressive graduation ceremony under sunny skies at the high school football field, 271 graduates heard from the two top graduates in their class. Valedictorian Sarah Hunter told her class that every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. That is especially true today, she said. "Today marks the end of our high school career, one that we started four years ago as freshmen. For the past four years we have walked the halls of Milford High School on our way to classes. Our belongings were crammed into a small orange locker. We have grown comfortable with our surroundings, gotten to know our classmates and learned both facts and life lessons from our teachers. But like baby birds being thrown out of the nest to learn how to fly, we must now leave the safety of our high school in order to start the next chapter of our lives. Whether we will be entering college, starting to become the college class of 2009, going to work, maybe joining the military services or taking a year off for travel; our new life begins this afternoon. Cities and campuses, with dorm rooms and apartments, will soon take the place of our high school hallways and lockers. We will now make our own decisions and learn from life what could not be taught in school. William Shakespeare once said, `We know what we are, but know not what we may be.'" Salutatorian Katherine Hanley read a poem she wrote, instead of a giving a graduation speech. "The poem would be more meaningful to all of you," she opined. Ms. Hanley's poem touched on graduation feelings, how members of her class would be taking many different roads, how her class survived the MCAS tests, and first driver's licenses. "Overall it's been pretty good," she said, before reading the last two stanzas of her poem. "So this is goodbye and farewell. I may see you again and I may not. But if you remember nothing else I said, just remember this one little thought: `Make yourself happy in any way you can.' Because life happens, so take it day by day. When opportunity knocks, answer the door. And when crossing the street always look both ways." Milford High School Graduates, 2005 Emily A. Abbondanza, Jennifer G. Afonso, Waldemar Agostini, Christina D. Alfonso, Patricia M. Allen, Joshua B. Alley, Victor L. Almeida, Elizabeth J. Alvarez...

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