'Drag Race' not slowing down at all.

AuthorLang, Derrik J.

Byline: Derrik J. Lang

LOS ANGELES -- It looks like a drag queen aquarium.

Beyond a wall of two-way mirrors, a hurricane of wigs and dresses swirl around as over a dozen female impersonators don towering hairpieces, slip into intricate ensembles, apply liberal amounts of makeup and adjust their lady parts. They're completely undeterred by the camera crews documenting every touch-up and tuck on the other side of the see-through glass.

For the cast of "RuPaul's Drag Race,'' it's just another day on the set of this gender-bending reality TV contest governed by RuPaul Charles, the drag icon who first gained fame over 20 years ago when his song "Supermodel (You Better Work)'' became a pop hit. The peek-a-boo mirror is simply one of many tricks the producers employ on Logo TV's highest-rated series.

Despite strutting along for seven seasons, as well as an all-star edition and the makeover spin-off "Drag U,'' the competition still feels fresh for Charles, who simply goes by RuPaul. As with most reality TV competitions, the show's head judge and mentor said the entertainment value of "Drag Race'' comes down to the competitors chosen each season.

"When we cast this show, we choose from the rebels and the outsiders,'' RuPaul said. "They're always unique and never basic. We're dealing with courageous and outrageous people who live their lives differently than most of the public. These are the little boys who were the scorn of their neighborhood and had to fight for everything that they've ever earned.''

In the premiere of the seventh season, which airs Monday, the focus is squarely on style. The 14 drag queens are tasked with...

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