$1.25M on Dudley ballot; Voters to decide debt exclusion, Prop 2-1/2 override.


Byline: Debbie LaPlaca

DUDLEY - In addition to the candidates for election and the state-wide ballot questions, Dudley voters will decide a $500,000 Proposition 2-1/2 override and $725,000 debt exclusion at tomorrow's election.

In July, the Board of Selectmen approved the ballot question and identified how the new revenue would be spent this fiscal year.

According to Question 5, the Police Department would receive $31,000; the Fire Department, $34,000; Highway Department, $35,000; the treasurer's office, $32,000; veterans services, $28,000; vocational education, $45,000; buildings and grounds, $10,000; the Pearle L. Crawford Memorial Library, $10,000; municipal services, $15,000; the town clerk's office, $5,000; the finance board, $5,000; and the Dudley-Charlton Regional School District, $250,000.

The Police and Fire departments are looking to restore budget cuts made at the spring town meeting. The vocational education funds the town's one-year obligation to pay a Dudley student's tuition and transportation to Norfolk County Agricultural High School in Walpole.

The $250,000 increase in revenue earmarked for the Dudley-Charlton district would prepare the town for state mandated increases to its education contribution next year and...

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