'Einstein,' by Anastasia Markov.


Somehow, it feels right to bookend 2014 with a new music video from Connecticut singer-songwriter Anastasia Markov. After all, it was at the beginning of last year when we discovered her EP "Suicide Seating,'' and the lovely, upbeat music video for her song "Sarah Won't Cry.''

"Sarah Won't Cry'' is a poppy, upbeat song that is tinged by a sense that something's about to be lost: A love, a childhood ... the imagery plays back and forth between the two. "As if scared of the sky,'' sings Markov, "the kite won't fly/bet you Sarah won't cry.''

The character "Sarah'' appears again in Markov's most-recent song, "Einstein'': "I'm just waiting for the day/to make the official decree/this world belongs to Sarah and me/and this time/Sarah won't mind.''

In a lot of ways, this song is the counterpoint to "Sarah Won't Cry.'' If the former song seemed framed by loss, this one seems to have the song's persona come out the other side of that particular looking...

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