End abortion, keep families together as God intended.

Position:Editorials - Letter to the editor

If America is to return to her former status of being the greatest and strongest nation in the world, two time-honored values must be restored.

First, the greatness of a nation is measured by how it treats the least among its members. Any nation that allows mothers to pay physicians to kill their own innocent little unborn babies has ceased to be great. It's a nation of might makes right, the big over the small, the strong over the weak. It's a nation that teaches its citizens that it's acceptable to use deadly violence to get what they want.

Second, the strength of a nation is the family -- the union between one man and one woman whose love is permanent, faithful and life-giving.

In America, over the years, marriage has become part of her throw-away culture. However, in former times, marital promises and lifetime commitments were kept; a man lived and died by his word. Women were respected as persons...

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