Graduates advised to never stop learning.


Byline: Sandra Quadros Bowles

MILFORD - Don't worry about the world coming to an end today, Milford High School Principal John M. Brucato advised the 265 graduates at commencement yesterday at the school gymnasium.

"It's already tomorrow in Australia," he quipped.

Their high school educations may have ended, but he warned that in today's complicated and changeable world, students should never stop learning.

"To choose to do so, unfortunately, increases your chances of becoming a victim of circumstances," he said.

Class president Holly Langley described her classmates as "dreamers and believers, thinkers and doers."

"Family is the most important thing and always will be," she said.

Class salutatorian Nicole Lynn Novak urged the new graduates to find inspiration in the actions of professor Liviu Librescu, who saved the lives of his students by barricading the doors during the April 16 shooting at Virginia Tech that left 33 people dead.

Heroes like the professor "have the passion to make a difference," she said.

She said there is "no lack of passion" among her classmates. She urged them to "disprove the critics of our generation."

Audience members saluted soon-to-be-retiring School Superintendent Thomas J. Davoren with a rousing ovation. School Committee Chairman William F. Besozzi noted that Mr. Davoren always did "what's best for the kids."

At one point during the ceremony, the students tossed around several beach balls, until Mr. Brucato refused to continue until they stopped.

His order caused some to boo, prompting him to respond, "Hey, I'm used to that." The audience then laughed and cheered.

Ms. Langley ended the ceremony by leading the class in the traditional moving of the tassels on their mortarboards.

Mr. Brucato then gave his last directive to the class of 2007: "You can give back the balls and the Silly String."



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