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Each year, hundreds of readers from Worcester County and beyond take time to write a letter to the editor. Many are responding to the news of the day, or the Telegram & Gazette's handling of that news. Others simply wish to express their thoughts, share their opinions, highlight a good deed, or point out where their community might do better.

The following individuals wrote letters to the editor in 2014. We look forward to hearing from them again in the future, and encourage all readers, whether they are subscribers, occasional readers, or visitors to Worcester, to take the time to share their thoughts on these pages. In today's editorial space, we share our guidelines for letters to the editor.

Gary A. Abasciano

Daniel Abraham

Sandra J. Abrajano

Richard J. Adams

Andrew Afonso

Christopher Ahmadjian

Kathryn Aldrich

Mary Aldrich

Jane Alessandrini

Vincent Alicandro

Jay Allain

Brian J. Allen

Seth Allison

John Almeida

Stacy Amaral

Ralph W. Anderson Jr.

Carol Damon Andrews

Herbert John Andrews

Thomas Ardinger

Christopher I. Ariel

Tracy Ashworth

Carl David Askling

Daniel M. Asquino

Price Atkinson

Joyce Aucoin

Victoria Augustine

Karen M. Avedian

Desiree Awiszio

Steve Aylward

Chester A. Babinski

Pat Bacon

Cheryl Badosa

Heidi M. Bailey

Judy Bailey

Carlo Baldino

William A. Baller

Edward Barlow

Kelly Barner

Margot Barnet

Rand Barthel

Bob Bartholomew

Jessica Dym Bartlett

Marcia Beal

Joyce Beams

Robert F. Beaudet

Mike Belanger

John Belculfine

Karen Belliveau

Stephen Belton

Carl Benander

Rosalind L. Bennett

Amy L. Benoit

Brent Benson

Joseph S. Beresik

Wendy Bergman

Justin Bernard

Bruce Berndt

William Bigelow

Denise Bilotta

Nancy Bisceglia

Alison Premo Black

Nancy L. Blomquist

Maurice J. Boisvert

  1. Richard Bonanno

Zachary Bos

Emilio Botticelli

John Boucher

Denise Boucher-Garofoli

Kristine Boudreau

Linda Boudreau

James D. Bourbeau

Jacinta Bourdreau

Elizabeth Bourgeois

Richard F. Bourgery

Paula C. Bouthiller

Donald Bowles

Donald Bowles

Reed Boynton

Clare Frain Brekka

Lance Bresee

Stephen M. Brewer

Matt Brodeur

Elizabeth Brown

Gary Broz

Sophia Brozowski

Arthur Brunell

Matt Bruun

Ed Brynes

Michael J. Buckley

Tina Bugbee

Shelley J. Buma

Kristi Buonanni

Maureen Burdulis

Patricia Burke

Clarence Burley

Charlotte Burns

Loree Griffin Burns

Jen Caissie

Charles T. Caliri

Bob Campbell

William Campbell

Doris Cannon

Paul F. Cantiani

Kevin Canty

Erin Canzano

Eric Capellari

Pamela J. Capp

Gail Carberry

Nicholas Carbone

Alan Carlson

Donna M. Carlson

Mark Carlson

Rudy Carlson

Ann Carney

William D. Carr

Deb Cary

Beth Casavant

Scott C. Cashman

Peter Castaldi

Linda Cavaioli

Emily Celona

America Cepeda

Edward J. Chamberlain Jr.

Ellen M. Chambers

Donn Chandler

Yolanda Chapin

Scott D. Charpentier

Deborah Charron

Fran Cheever

Kathy Chencharick

Richard Chernisky

Brian Chiarvalloti

William H. Chin

Robert C. Chisholm

Joanne K. Ciesluk

Leonard Ciuffredo

Dean Clark

Gary Clark

Lynne Clark

Richard P. Clark

Patricia Clouthier

Raymond Clouthier

David Cocci

Charles Colebrook

Caroline Coleman

George Coleman

David Collins

John P. Collins

Donna Colorio

Carol Congdon

Philip C. Conner

Charlotte V. Connor

James Cooke

Peter Cooper Jr.

Cynthia Cooper

Stephen D. Cope II

Eleanore Corey

Arthur L. Cormier

Lucille Cormier

Joseph D. Corn

Jim Correia

James Corrigan

Lillian Corti

James Cosgrove

Amy Coskie

Steve Cote

Robert P. Couture

Vera Couture

Sally Cragin

Paul D. Craney

Chalres P. Croteau

Melbourne C. Crouse

Joan Crowell

William J. Cundiff

Paul F. Cunniffe

Kevin M. Cunningham

Robert J. Cursi

Michael Curtis

Timothy Dada

Ann M. Dagle

Julie Dahlstrom

Bill Daly

William Daly

Adam Danielson

John L. Darling Jr.

Esther Darling

Richard A. Davey

Dale Davies

Christian W. De Marcken

Rita M. De Nitti

Julianne De Rivera


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