Oxford at Auburn.


41st Thanksgiving meeting

10 a.m., Memorial Field, Auburn

Radio: None.

Last year: Auburn, 33-14.

Series: Auburn leads, 32-8.

The last time Oxford defeated Auburn on Thanksgiving, the seniors on this year's teams were probably in the first grade. It has been 11 seasons since the Pirates have beaten the Rockets, and don't expect things to change, at least not this year. Auburn is 9-1, ranked No. 2 in the Hometeam media poll and the favorite to win the Central Mass. Division 3 Super Bowl when the playoffs begin next week. Just call it another typical season in the career of coach Jeff Cormier, who is 112-40 since taking over the Rockets 13 seasons ago. Auburn had its record win streak snapped earlier this season, but that only renewed the Rockets' focus. The offense begins with senior running back Dan Flink, who has rushed for 20 touchdowns and more than 1,100 yards. But Auburn's firepower doesn't end there. Senior Fred Taylor and junior Tyler Desjardins, every-down backs on most teams, both have nearly 500 yards rushing, while junior Bob Sivret has almost 400. Junior quarterback Drew Goodrich has thrown for more than 700 yards. Oxford (3-7) has an offense led by senior quarterback Dylan Bracewell, who has passed for more than 700 yards. The ground game is paced by senior Nick Lemay, who has more than 400 rushing yards, senior Mike D'Alio and sophomore Moses Early.

Pirates (3-7)

Coach: Jeff Parcells

3 Matt Faucher QB/DB Fr.

4 Arenal Krevosky K So.

8 Andrew Erickson WR/DB Sr.

9 Tyler Tremblay RB/DB So.

11 Nick Bruzios WR/DB Sr.

12 Dylan Bracewell WR/DB Sr.

16 Joe Tetrault RB/DB Fr.

19 Tanner Jones RB/LB Fr.

20 Mike D'Alio TE/DE Sr.

21 Liam Pickett WR/DB So.

22 James Couture RB/DB Sr.

24 Tyler Barrie WR/S Jr.

25 Nick Lemay RB/LB Sr.

26 Andrew Catacchio RB/DB So.

31 Kyle Racine RB/LB So.

32 Jake Parmenter QB/DB Fr.

35 Carter Craft RB/LB Fr.

36 Jon Gallant RB/LB So.

40 Ty Hemingway RB/DE Fr.

42 Michael Faucher RB/LB Jr.

44 Colby Andrews QB/S Fr.

45 Zackary Gorcyznski RB/DB So.

48 Aaron Divoll LB Fr.

50 Tiki Barber G/LB Jr.

51 Alex Ton G/LB Jr.

53 David Burley G/DT So.

54 Mike Langway T/T Fr.

55 Tyler Trella NG/T Jr.

56 Pat Engdahl G/DE So.

59 Brandon Bousquet OT/DT So.

60 P.J. Machunski C/LB Jr.

63 Chris Burley OT/DT Sr.

64 Alex White OT/DT Sr.

65 Shane Howard OT/DE Fr.

66 Patrick Morgan Donovan G/DT Fr.

68 Steven Menzdorf OT/DT So.

72 Kevin Krouse C/DE Jr.

76 Nathan Shultz G/DT Fr.

77 Devin Shultz OT/DT Jr.

80 Treva Hemingway WR/DB Fr.

82 Andrew...

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