Quabbin wrestler faces vandalism, assault charges.


BARRE - A member of the Quabbin Regional High School wrestling team was arraigned on seven charges Wednesday after he allegedly vandalized the school and assaulted his mother in the parking lot.

Police said Sean Giorgi of 346 Old Coldbrook Road, Barre, was seen on the school's video surveillance system wearing a distinctive watch and his wrestling pants while using his hands to smear paint on doors and construction equipment. According to court documents, Mr. Giorgi painted a penis, and the initials of another wrestler he's been harassing, in the parking lot and wrote the words "Hurry up" on a construction lift. Police also found several areas where the word, "Seniors" had been written.

According to the police report, Mr. Giorgi allegedly sent a text message to a friend while he was vandalizing the school telling him he was "Painting the floors. Seniors everywhere." The vandalism was discovered Dec. 14.

When police questioned him, they noticed he had sideburns like the man in the video and was wearing a similar watch. He told them he had paint...

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