Real Estate Listings.

Author:Nelson, Brian

Byline: Brian Nelson


$250,000, Wilker Rd, Kirby, Helen P, to Fitchburg City Of.

$95,000, 6 Water St, Williams William P Est, and Williams, Kenneth R, to Leblanc, Sarah, and Shaw, Daniel.

$90,000, Ferin Rd, Higgins, Robert E, to Dep Of Conservation.

$80,000, E Rindge Rd, Coleman, Constance M, and Coleman, Benjamin B, to Massachusetts Comm Of.

$50,000, 423 Ashby Rd, Chapman, Richard T, and Chapman, Diane, to Shea, Charles L


$250,000, 143 Wilker Rd, Kirby, Helen P, to Fitchburg City Of.

$250,000, Brooks Rd, Kirby, Helen P, to Fitchburg City Of.

$200,000, 75 Page Rd, Caissie, Kristina L, to Stone, Jeffrey R, and Watson, Eleanor M.

$147,900, 15 Park Rd, Fors, June M, to Miranda, Clark A, and Miranda, Shannon M.

$55,000, West Rd, Moody Robert W Est, and Moody, Robert W, to Sikkila, Nathan, and Sikkila, Danielle.

$24,000, Nourse Rd, Pomerleau, Brian P, and Pomerleau, Elizabeth M, to Adams Constr&Realty Inc.


$212,000, 86 Colonial Dr, Winn, Charles J, to Maroni, Robert V, and Maroni, Pearl J.

$164,900, 2480 Chestnut Hill Ave, Allen, Alan, and Allen, Karen E, to Wales, Christopher J, and Wales, Amanda F.

$132,860, 111 Brickyard Rd #D1, Haddocks, Jonathan A, and Nationstar Mortgage LLC, to FNMA.

$125,000, 905 Pleasant St, Mackenzie, Elizabeth, and Kiely, Pauline, to Patricia A Adams IRT, and Whipps, Elizabeth C.

$93,000, 930 Templeton Rd #20, Colonial Coop Bank, to Reppas, Eve.

$85,000, 9 Mount Pleasant St, Cotter, John E, and Cotter, Linda M, to Moroski, Wallace R.

$30,000, 618 Pleasant St, Griffith, Harrison W, and Muzzy, Cathy A, to Griffith, Timothy.

$19,500, 132 Central St, Financial Freedom Acquis, to AKW Circle T, and Brasco, Stacie.

$18,000, 3025 S Athol Rd, Blake Dana G Est, and Oriley, Lynn B, to Johnson, Terri M.


$275,000, 3 Rock Ave, Millette, Richard, and Millette, Suzanne, to Aldrich, Justin, and Connors, Abigail.

$243,000, 15 Mount View Ave, Lukey, William G, and Lukey, Ruth J, to Fanning, Peter, and Fanning, Tara.

$219,900, 8 Waterman Rd, Gardner, Thomas D, and Gardner, Jessica L, to Kozik, Jeffrey R.

$209,000, 33 Eastford Rd, Averka IRT, and Erickson, Debra, to Baird, Betsy J.

$193,900, 43 Warren Rd, Bourke FT, and Hertzfeld, Patricia A, to Murphy, Ryan J, and Davis, Danielle M.

$154,250, 16 Ravine Dr, Rescom Services Inc, to Luperchio, Brianna R, and Luperchio, Linda L.

$134,000, 4 John William Dr #A, Czernicki, Sandra D, and Gebo, Sandra D, to Medeiros, Joann.


$60,000, Wauwinet Rd, Paxton Properties RT, and Curtis, Marc D, to Peddle, James E, and Peddle, Lorraine.


$325,000, 64 Peach Hill Rd, Clark, Deane W, and Clark, Maxine S, to Wdowiak, Wiktor R, and Kurek, Beata.

$315,000, 107 Randall Rd, Foster, Lawrence R, to Marhefka, William J, and Marhefka, Amanda J.

$315,000, 32 Bailey Rd, Florence M Schulz IRT, and Legere, Kevin, to Hardy, Kevin C, and Bexton, Alaina D.


$447,000, 3 Rolling Brook Ln, Beard, Bruce J, and Beard, Kathleen H, to Goldberg, Jeffrey S, and Goldberg, Dawn M.

$412,400, 44 Glenside Dr, Mountain Dog Bldg Corp, to Wirzburger, David J, and Wirzburger, Allison B.

$374,900, 2 Susan Dr, Dionne, David J, and Dionne, Sue A, to Coulter, Kevin.

$369,900, 5 Susan Dr, Holyoke, Jeffrey L, to Warren, Bruce W.

$340,000, 133 Farm St, Meegan, Patrick B, and Meegan, Clarissa, to Macdonald, Ellen M.

$278,500, 6 Park St, Ponticelli, Jason M, and Ponticelli, Jennifer A, to Lally, Robert M, and Lally, Sandra M.

$262,500, 35 May St, Pepin, Robert L, and Pepin, Audrey L, to Korencsik, Kristian.

$249,900, 172 Lakeshore Dr, Wirzburger, Allison B, and Wirzburger, David J, to Kairit, John L.

$186,500, 120 King St, Demers Ella Est, and Mucciarone, Elaine, to Demers, Gerald G.

$134,000, 39 Main St #1, Kenneally, Kahtleen E, and Feasel, Kathleen E, to Pilla, John H.


$890,000, 9 Ledge Wood Cir, Militano, John C, and Militano, Marie, to Hess, Brian M, and Hess, Elizabeth.

$649,000, 204 Long Hill Rd, Thurrott, Christopher W, and Thurrott, Marie J, to Conroy, Charles, and Webb, Rachel.

$515,000, 117 Wilder Rd, Cormier, Diana, to Little, Christopher M, and Little, Elizabeth.

$477,000, 63 Coventry Wood Rd, Slattery, Michael C, and Slattery, Ann F, to Higgins, Dennis, and Higgins, Maricela.

$465,000, 315 Harvard Rd, Gould, Jefferson, to Zina, Kevin F, and Zina, Kristen A.

$410,000, 58 Pondside Dr #58, Margaret R Bourgeois INT, and Bourgeois, Margaret R, to Edling, Manfred H, and Edling, Judith L.

$166,400, 253 Vaughn Hill Rd, Baker Development LLC, to Schultze, Anthny R, and Schultze, Rosalyn D.


$219,000, 160 Warren Rd, Schumey, Kurt D, and Schumey, Victoria A, to Hart, Jeremy P, and Hart, Kelly A.


$75,000, 37 Molasses Hill Rd, Swanson, Kevin M, and Swanson, Jennifer A, to Naylor, Dennis F, and Naylor, Melanie L.


$435,000, 2 Denfield Rd, Capuano, David M, and Capuano, Lydia M, to Girasuolo, William R, and Girasuolo, Marie-Louise.

$316,662, 14 Mckinstry Dr, Lemieux, Michael F, and Cenlar FSB, to FHLM.

$250,000, 51 King Rd, Bigelow, Brian E, and Bigelow, Donna M, to Thompson, Robert W, and Thompson, Vicki S.

$138,000, 107 Center Depot Rd #F, White, Mark S, to Ribeiro, Maria O.

$80,000, Willow Tree Ln, North Brookfield SB, to T Reardon Builders Inc.

$51,000, 29 Berry Corner Rd, G&B RT, and Dipietro, Gina M, to A&N RT, and Dipietro, Gina M.


$341,000, 30 Brendan Rd, Zina, Kevin F, and Zina, Kristen A, to Mcnamara, John F, and Mcnamara, Katelyn M.

$287,500, 18 Thomas St, Sheehan, David, and Sheehan, Amy, to Patterson, Jacob A, and Persico, Leah.

$232,500, 651 Devenwood Way #651, Lemar, Galen S, and Lemar, Barbara D, to Sardella, Louis, and Sardella, Carolyn.

$200,000, 204 Ridgefield Cir #B, Norgren, Matthew J, and Norgen, Matthew J, to Melone, Mark G.

$183,000, 482-A Water St, Morin, John G, and Morin, Kathryn A, to Haro, Rafael, and Haro, Thaimi.

$167,500, 46 Larch St, FNMA, to Kaizer, David, and Kaizer, Angela.

$150,000, 129 Flagg St, Delorey, Wilfred A, and Delorey, Mary J, to Anderson, Michael J.


$70,000, 145 SE Main St, Nature View LLC, to Morris, Scott, and Mitchell, Kimberly A.


$418,000, 47 Pierpont Rd, Puchalski, Robert L, and Puchalski, Donna, to Grant, Justin E, and Grant, Jennifer L.

$319,500, 16 Ash Ln, Kelly, Kevin J, and Kelly, April D, to Umansky, Brian, and Umansky, Heidi.

$235,000, 21 Raymond St, Bango, Argjir, and Mborja, Kostanca, to Torres, Alina.

$183,000, 28 Schofield Ave, Sullivan, Daniel, and Gomes, Brenda M, to Keovongmanysar, Amphone.

$155,000, 122 Hayden Pond Rd, FNMA, to Pecyna, Zdzislaw, and Pecyna, Albert.

$10,000, Causeway Shrs, Langevin, Rene T, and Langevin, Karen D, to Johnson, Wayne, and Johnson, Joyce.

East Brookfield

$205,000, 443 W Sturbridge Rd, Levesque, Matthew B, and Beahn, Caitlin E, to Nowak, Edwin J.


$250,000, 61 Caspian Way #61, Malouin, Jason G, and Malouin, Lisa E, to Gibbons, Robert, and Gibbons, Kristen.

$193,000, 26 Maplewood Ter, Testagrossa IRT, and Rivers, Susan M, to Benoit, Mandy S, and Benoit, Travis S.

$185,000, 53 Ward St, Primeau, Christopher, and Primeau, Kandace, to Marques, Christopher, and Callahan, Cheryl F.

$157,000, 85 Summer St, Clearwater RE Inv Grp LLC, to Rath, Sina, and Martinez, Luis A.

$144,000, 88 Ashburnham Hill Rd, 88 Ash Hill T, and Eleftheriou, Despene, to Deblois, Mary A, and Deblois, James E.

$143,875, 15 Brandon Ave, Morse Helen N Est, and Smith, Maureen, to Carroll, Jason K.

$126,500, 265 Walton St, Casey, Stefanie L, to Fletcher, Michael, and Malouin, Kayla R.

$120,000, 141 Rodiman Ave, Brouillette, Robert W, and Brouillette, Marianne G, to Brouillette, Robert W.

$70,000, 56 Elm St, Graystone Farm T, and Hayward, Kahren S, to Walton, Christopher J.

$39,900, 43 Skyview Dr, Mullane, Stephen A, to Cormier, David R.


$242,000, 877 Timpany Blvd, Martin, Carole A, to Duprey, Timothy J, and Duprey, Lisa A.

$197,500, 224 Chestnut St, Jeleniewski, Morgan, to Field, David.

$190,000, 41 Wachusett Rd, Selesky, James A, and Selesky, Robin L, to Hakkinen FT, and Hakkinen, Suzanne L.

$190,000, 69 Edgell St, Mulloy, Nancy E, to 69 Edgell Street RT.

$105,000, 297 West St, Dower, Susan A, to Paine, Lucas.


$666,500, 15 Wheeler Rd, Murkland RT, and Murkland, Brian, to Bazinet, Andrew J, and Bazinet, Stephanie J.

$660,000, 18 Bridle Ridge Dr, Bhandary, Dhruv, and Bhandary, Sonal, to Sharma, Praveen, and Sharma, Daniela.

$658,125, 13 Coach House Rd, Hoeppner, Brent L, and Hoeppner, Nicole A, to Capuano, David M, and Capuano, Lydia M.

$584,000, 15 High Point Dr, Adams Road Co LLC, to Calderon, Antonio, and Neighbors, Hollie B.

$559,900, 186 Magill Dr, H&L Highfield Homes LLC, to Cordero, Bernadette W, and Cordero, Edward M.

$549,900, 15 Cortland Way, George, John J, and George, Theresa M, to Minardi, Todd C, and Drisko, Jenna L.

$530,000, 64 High Point Dr, Adams Road Co LLC, to Kandlagunta, Nagaraju.

$480,000, 67 Elliot Trl, Bradley, Richard, and Kumar-Bradley, Shubhra, to Rousselle, Sandra, and Hanagan, Michael J.

$400,000, 213 Main St, Brookfield Relocation Inc, to Kuzhuppallil, Jerry, and Fernandes, Tresila.

$400,000, 213 Main St, Deluca, Michael J, and Deluca, Kara, to Brookfield Relocation Inc.

$395,000, 133 Millbury St, Palermino, Laura, and Shunney, Laura, to Devito, Kathleen A, and Devito, Paul G.

$346,250, 52 Hudson Ave, Bazinet, Andrew J, and Bazinet, Stephanie J, to Soave, Giovanni, and Sullivan, Mary.

$316,500, 96 Buttercup Ln #96, Sharma, Sandeep K, and Prem, Shilpa, to Accanoor, Anirudha D.

$223,000, 14 Rose Ln, Filgerleski Michael J Est, and Filgerleski, Tonia, to Cassano, Catherine.


$300,000, Greenwich Rd, Martha B Nields T, and Fletcher, Warner S, to New Eng Forestry Fndtn.

$300,000, Greenwich Rd, Martha B Nields T, and Fletcher, Warner S, to New Eng Forestry Fndtn.

$145,000, 717 Upper Church St, Doherty Lucille M Est, and Jones, Denise, to Holden, Charles G, and Holden, Lillian M.


$880,000, 78 E Bare Hill Rd, Hickok, Jonathan, and Hickok, Debra M, to Eldredge, Michael J, and...

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