Author:Nelson, Brian

Byline: Brian Nelson


$417,000, 87 Dunn Rd, Johnson, Brenda K, to Masson, Leslie.

$274,000, 130 Russell Hill Rd, Salo, David R, and Drs, Homes, to Roy, Michael, and Clayton, Kalie.

$245,000, 46 Water St, Whitestone, Danielle M, to Decosta, Stacie.


$189,900, 780 Richardson Rd, Somero, Jon, to Brown, Rosemarie M, and Brown, William E.

$138,000, 716 New Ipswich Rd, Adams Construction&Realty, to Martino, Kyrie E.

$65,000, 235 Heywood Rd, Valentin, Jose L, to Rolon, Elsa M, and Martinez, Jorge M.


$117,000, 24 Chester St, Lightkep, Edward, to Hough, Michael R.

$115,000, 9 Forest Ave, Kim, Sophia, to Hutchinson, Andrea.

$75,000, 42 Wendell St, Worcester County Mgmt, to Bunger, James.

$65,000, 42 Wendell St, Worcester County Mgmt, to Worcester County Mgmt.

$23,422, 80 S Main St, Mckinnon, Patricia A, and Direct FCU, to FHLM.


$278,000, 12 Old Cart Rd, Sobiech, Lee A, and Sobiech, Nathan, to Mondor, Nicholas R.

$200,000, 29 Elbridge Rd, Nguyen, Huyen N, and Nguyen, Kim L, to Allen, Christopher W, and Allen, Amanda.

$165,000, 1 Wallace Ave #A, Marois, Pamela J, to Marrier, Nicholas J.


$324,475, 94 Clem Ct, Jurczyk, Daniel P, and Green Tree Servicing LLC, to FNMA.

$169,500, 327 South St, Mccormack, Stephen J, and Mccormack, Mary M, to Alden, Jill M.


$273,500, 3 Carol Ln, Mildred V Ferragamo LT, and Ferragamo, Mildred V, to Holly, Le A.

$130,000, 2-4 Old Mendon St, Morais, Antonio M, and Dias, Arminda, to Kimberly Kane T, and Locke, John A.

$98,000, 5 Rayner St, Youngsma, Louis S, and Onewest Bank NA, to FNMA.


$370,000, 73 Bolton Woods Way, Cerreto, Kenneth M, and Cerreto, Patricia M, to Clark, Patrick N, and Clark, Lauren D.


$300,000, 475 Central St, Smith, Carol L, and Ahlstrand, Carol L, to Barabas, Arron.


$302,500, 8 Dix Hill Rd, Powel, Lynne, to Messenger, Sandra L, and Messenger, Lee W.

$130,000, 47 Cubles Dr, Buss, Mary L, and Buss, Stanley B, to 47 Cubles Drive T, and Skibel, Jill J.


$335,000, 93 Rice Corner Rd, Soper, Cheryl P, to Young, Etta J.


$345,000, 52 Baker Pond Rd, Gauthier, Brian D, and Gauthier, Leah H, to Burbank, Jessica, and Burbank, Thomas.

$110,000, Hill Rd, Green Hill RT, and Prouty, Daniel, to Hill Road RT, and Leblanc, Ricky.

$110,000, Hill Rd #4, Green Hill RT, and Prouty, Daniel, to Hill Road RT, and Leblanc, Ricky.

$75,000, 115 Stafford St #66, Mcneaney, John B, and Mcneaney, John, to Hatch, Kelsey L, and Campbell, Kevin C.


$240,000, 28 Norman St, Fritsche, Ryan T, to Hatstat, Spenser A, and Heighton, Sarah J.

$224,900, 17 School St, 17 School Street RT, and Brown, Harold E, to Daniles, Jewel A.


$305,000, 49 Downs Rd, Neal, Jerry A, and Neal, Jerry, to Tabora, Evier M.

$5,000, 18 Wixtead Ct, Kerrigan, David, to March, Regina.


$210,000, 27 Green St, Szeredy IRT, and Szeredy, Joseph B, to Osowski, Tadeusz, and Osowski, Beata.

$180,000, 7 Ridge Dr, Adamuska, William P, to Adamuska, Angelique.

$1, Eagle Dr #A15, Dudley Eagle LLC, to Grac&Genevieve Realty.

$1, Eagle Dr #A16, Dudley Eagle LLC, to Grac&Genevieve Realty.


$152,000, 510 Franklin Rd, Cote, Gina M, and Femino, Gina M, to Leblanc, Nancy M, and Leblanc, Kristine S.

$149,900, 80 Rainville Ave, Murray, John J, to Kelley, Darcy M.

$143,000, 207 Plymouth St, Crown Press Properties, to Swart, Nicholas A.

$130,000, 85 Ellis St, Duffy, James W, and Duffy, Segundina M, to Campbell, Robert H, and Campbell, Susan C.

$125,500, 20 Ellis St, Taroinian Murad Est, and Mcgeary, Monique C, to Clark, Jason T, and Wilkerson, Rebecca A.

$123,000, 91 Townsend St, Quidoz, Louis, and Quidoz, Brenda, to Dumas, Mark E.

$94,500, 39 Burnap St, Bunch, Karla A, to Rozell, Lance T.

$63,500, 75 Pershing St, Deschenes Roland Est, and Leavitt, Pamela S, to Marchmont Acquisition LLC.

$43,000, 12 Park St, Ketchedjian, Vatche H, to Professional Performance, and Zhao, Xi.


$364,900, 150 Lawrence St, Gronowicz, Matthew, to Moffa, Nicholas J.

$252,156, 115 Edgell St, Proulx, James D, and Proulx, Tamra A, to FHLM.

$202,000, 75 Willis Rd, Savaria, Edward C, and Savaria, Jeanne A, to Wahl, Bruce I, and Wahl, Barbara J.

$175,000, 7 Park St, Nordman, Mary E, to Greenlees, Tabitha N.

$119,000, 78 Oak St, Mundell, Joshua, and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA.

$103,000, 37 Century Way #37, Piper, Kathleen M, to Toomey, Michael J.

$25,000, 92 Richmond St, Brodeur, Adam P, and Brodeur, Philip, to Rodgerson, Everett P.

$25,000, Otter River Rd, Leger, Michael, to Somero, Jon.

$25,000, Otter River Rd, Leger, Michael, to Somero, Jon.


$337,000, 103 Brigham Hill Rd, Grindle, David L, and Grindle, Donna L, to Goguen, Philip W, and Goguen, Ellen D.

$315,000, 1 Bluebird Dr #1, Konan, Joseph J, and Konan, Diane, to Alexander, Bruce A, and Alexander, Lori S.

$277,500, 135 Westboro Rd, Grafton Crossing LLC, to Grafton Ishtar LLC.

$181,250, 8 John Dr #8, Bruce P Shutts RET, and Shutts, Bruce P, to Stpierre, Edward W.

$180,000, 25 Pullard Rd, Elizabeth A Nichols IRT, and Canin, Nancy L, to Hamilton, Gregory S.

$160,000, 121 Providence Rd #121, Bishop, Christopher M, to Perla, Robert J, and Perla, Janet M.

$115,000, 22 Cortland Way, Choros, Chris, to United General Constr.


$130,000, 106 Church St, Mcnaulty, Burton F, and Mcnaulty, Shirley M, to Breen, Adam D.


$538,000, 181 E Bare Hill Rd, Karotkin FT, and Karotkin, Fred I, to Cerreto, Kenneth M, and Cerreto, Patricia M.

$395,000, 81 Slough Rd, Putnam NT, and Siedlar, Donna J, to 81 Slough Road RT, and Bunce, Sarah A.


$575,000, 10 Lexington Cir, Mccarthy, Steven P, and Mccarthy...

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