Author:Nelson, Brian

Byline: Brian Nelson


$222,612, 12 Hunter Ave, Odonovan, Kieran P, and Green Tree Servicing LLC, to FNMA.


$320,000, 615 Mason Rd, Secino, David J, and Secino, Kimberly D, to Morrison, Sean R, and Belliveau, Penny J.


$148,000, 89 Chestnut St, Dodge, Thomas A, and Dodge, Pamela J, to Williams, Carol A.

$70,000, Conant Rd, Peachtree Development Co, to Reeves, Michal J, and Reeves, Katherine.

$47,500, 553 Batchelder Rd, MT Grace Sno Snoopers Inc, to Milioli, Marcelo, and Milioli, Telam.


$299,900, 1 Williams St, Central Mass Builders Inc, to Decourcey, Mary K.

$261,000, 23 Zabelle Ave, Penny, Robert R, and Penny, Leslie E, to Przygoda, Gregory H.

$256,000, 4 Pioneer Ln, Biando, Marion C, to Le, Linda N.

$248,306, 8 Munger Dr, Wright, Brian C, and Green Tree Servicing LLC, to FNMA.

$211,000, 26 June St, TCP Homes Inc, to Dinh, Suong.

$180,000, 29 Warren Rd, Laliberte, Leona J, to Champagne, Torey.

$168,000, 8 Woodside Ter, Lavallee, Lawrence J, to Joslyn, Daniel.

$123,000, 4 Franklin St, Zuidema, Albert D, and Zuidema, Gary D, to Carey, Michael, and Carey, Shawn.


$235,000, 574-588 Valley Rd, Mitchell, Gail M, to James Mcdonald LLC.

$185,000, 669 Worcester Rd, Andriski, Stanley E, to Stafford, Matthew L.

$143,390, 553 Valley Rd, Potvin, Beth A, to US Bank NA Tr.

$137,000, 416 S Barre Rd, Trifilo Raymond J Est, and Trifilo-Newton, Anne, to Biron, Thomas P, and Biron, Michelle L.

$103,250, Town Farm Rd, ASM Ventures LLC, to Anderson, Robert W.

$25,000, 1009 Wauwinet Rd, Mchugh, Roxanne V, and Odonnell, Stella C, to Anderson, Robert W.


$313,000, 36 Coburn Rd, Braga, Jonas F, to Fernandes, Silvio C.

$200,000, 24 Carter St, Roland J Wilkinson FT, and Evans, Susan E, to Viola, Thomas R.


$200,000, 93-97 Canal St, Dean Cooperative Bank, to SVM Partners LLC.

$162,500, 31 Federal St, Bank New York Mellon Tr, and Bank Of New York Mellon, to Duggan, Katherine.

$160,000, 93-97 Canal St, Larochelle, Donald N, and Dean Cooperative Bank, to Dean Cooperative Bank.

$75,000, 12 Austin St, Hroszowy, Barbara R, and Hroszowy, Michael J, to Morin, Daniel J.


$198,000, 24 Harvard Rd, Pennymac Holdings LLC, to Joyce, Keith, and Joyce, Jaime.


$187,000, 1550 Dunhamtown Brimfield Rd, Lapierre, Keith R, and Anglim, Donald J, to Cuthbertson, Jenna J, and Zenaro, David M.

$174,000, 116 Wales Rd, Vandolson, Lance W, and Vandolson, Linda A, to Rutkauskas, Darlene E.


$401,000, 4 Sydney Cir, Mcgovern, Bridget E, to Verma, Sachin, and Verma, Gunjan.

$215,000, 374 Stafford St, Szczygiel, John, and Szczygiel, Janine R, to Turpin, Andrew J.


$300,000, 75 Walnut St, Farnsworth, John A, to Bondi, Anthony, and Bondi, Gloria A.

$272,500, 416 Fernwood Ln #416, Mollenkamp, Paul J, and Mollenkamp, Stephanie A, to Staszewsi, Andrew, and Wichelman, Stephanie.


$238,500, 817 NW Main St, Josey, Robert A, and Josey, Brian K, to Prairie, Michael J, and Bevins, Meagan A.


$321,000, 58 Baker Pond Rd, Cherry, Brian M, and Cherry, Kathryn K, to Cerbone, Anthony, and Cerbone, Mary E.


$298,215, 117 Theresa St, Danket Homes&Excavation, to Abare, Richard D.

$180,281, 53 Townsend St, Gaudet, Daniel, and Gaudet, Cindy M, to Citibank NA.

$164,000, 4 Weymouth St, Abboud, Marie A, and Abboud, Hollace M, to Estrada, Olga J.

$159,000, 130 Caspian Way #130, Kurtzhals, Cynthia A, to Arsenault, Jenna L.

$153,000, 26 Nimitz Ave, Wilson, Joshua, to Goldsmith, Timothy M.

$113,500, 2109 Arden Mills Way #2109, Harrington INT, and Harrington, Glenn L, to Fishman, Robert P, and Fishman, Frances G.

$113,000, 119 Appleton Cir, Raymond J Calmare T, and Shammo, Cathy M, to Calamare, Steven R.

$100,000, Ashburnham Hill Rd, Morrisey, Scott P, and Morrisey, Edye A, to Conner, Jonathan O.

$85,000, 89 Granite St, Davis, Robert E, and Davis, Angela, to Charles, Sauveur J.

$71,000, 51-53 Brigham Park, Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr, to Ali Khiat Construction.

$65,000, 10 Nutting St, Becker, Rondy, to Responsive Results LLC, and Professional Performance.

$42,000, 310 Elm St, Park Place RT, and Shoemaker, Mark A, to DLS Group LLC.

$41,644, 11 Martel St, Phillips, John W, and UA Bank NA, to US Bank NA Tr.

$26,300, 170 River St, Harry Vizigian LT, and Shalvarjian, Haig, to Itkin, Arnold C.

$1,000, 122 Daniels St, Habitat For Humanty North, to Livingston, Kathleen.


$730,000, 25 Kraft St, J Rice Holdings LLC, to Lee Holdings LLC.

$730,000, 501 W Broadway, J Rice Holdings LLC, to Lee Holdings LLC.

$243,000, 985 W Broadway, Hawke, Mark, and Hawke, Shelly M, to Kiarie, Joseph K.

$150,000, 71 Jean St, KLR LLC, to Khachi, Justin M.

$115,000, 61 Kendall Pond Rd E, Daly, Christopher J, to Cestone, John A.

$80,000, 48 W Broadway, Conti, Carmine G, to Dominion Properties LLC.


$258,000, 72 Lordvale Blvd #72, Roland E Guillette T, and Yanowicz, Linda F, to Estaphan, Stephen P, and Estaphan, Helen M.

$175,500, 4 Coventry Rd #4, Martin, Roy E, and Martin, May J, to Samanen, Carol J.

$150,000, 139 Westboro Rd, Esper, James, and Esper, Karen L, to Window Logic General.

$150,000, 141 Westboro Rd, Esper, James, and Esper, Karen L, to Window Logic General.

$146,000, 93 Westboro Rd, Damaske, Greggory A, and Damaske, Kristi L, to Magnant, Seth, and Magnant, Robert.


$175,000, 31 Spring St, Kaczmarski, Thaddeus, and Kaczmarski, Cheryl J, to Gagne, Gary J, and Gagnes, Garage.

$137,000, 488 Main St, Atanowski, Stephanie A, to Choiniere, Jeffrey S.


$106,804, 35 Lancaster County Rd #7B, Hart, Patricia M, to Nigzus, Charles, and Nigzus, Colleen.


$505,970, 41 January Ln, Nobel Construction Co Inc, to Klocek, John F, and Klocek, Cynthia L.

$481,616, 19 Joel Scott Dr, Stoney Brook Estates LLC, to Bryce, Jacob J, and Bryce, Tamara L.

$219,000, 21 Sawyer Ln, Ruth M Pappas IRT, and Jarowski, Thaddeus W, to Allen, Michael G, and Myers, Lindsay M.


$1,075,000, 12 Rosenfeld Dr, Samih Homsi RT, and Homsi, Samih, to Moe Coelho 2 LLC.

$505,000, 56 Mendon St, Sparling, Alfred H, and Sparling, Merrily F, to Fleming, Shannon W, and Fleming, Megan M.

$256,000, 177 Dutcher St #177, Little, Richard R, and Mcgrail, Mary, to Abimerhi, Bonnie M, and Abimerhi, John.

$100,000, 54 Dutcher St #7, Sannicandro Edward J Est, and Phaneuf, Michele, to Mobilia, Stephen, and Mobilia, Claudia.


$198,000, 56 Grimes Rd, Girouard, Michael D, to Anderson, Jessica A, and Scanlon, Patrick M.


$1,150,000, 2 Fox Rd, Drs Power...

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