Author:Nelson, Brian

Byline: Brian Nelson


$319,900, 9 Williams Rd, Mordue, Malcolm, and Mordue, Karli M, to Bouchard, Ross M, and Bouchard, Sandy A.

$240,000, 26 Lakeshore Dr, Hastings FT, and Hastings, Timothy J, to Garner, Diane, and Garner, Douglas.

$237,500, 433 Ashby Rd, Wilmington T NA Tr, to Basnett, Melissa A.

$228,000, 3 Pillsbury Rd, Collins, Bruce D, to Seymour, Timothy W.


$228,000, 3 Pillsbury Rd, Collins, Bruce D, to Seymour, Timothy W.


$87,500, 1142 Chestnut St, Robinson, Dominic J, and Robinson, Cynthia, to Nunez, Mildred.

$65,000, S Athol Rd, JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, to Broadbent, Anita M.

$33,000, 394 Harvard Ave, FHLM, to Szcygiel, Dawn.

$33,000, 394 Harvard Ave, FHLM, to Szcygiel, Dawn.

$33,000, 48 Green St, Albatross Realty Co Inc, to BW4 Properties Inc.

$24,900, Riceville Rd #10, Linstad, Brian S, and Townsend, Richard, to Rudenauer, Edwin P, and Rudenauer, Sandra M.


$400,000, 125 Prospect St, Clifford, Kevin C, and Clifford, Christine C, to Merriam, Kimberly L.

$368,000, 36 Briarcliff Dr, Bryn Mawr Development Inc, to Bombaci, Kimberly A.

$225,000, 41 Upland St, Geddes, Paul W, and Geddes, Deborah A, to Beaudreau, Kyle P, and Beaudreau, Dana.

$180,000, 3001 Forest Park Dr #3001, Viapiano, Laurie, to Olacio, Ransey R, and Olacio, Sarai.

$172,500, 4 Tuck Farm Rd #2, Deangelis, James J, and Ciprari, Eli J, to Revane, Linda A, and Revane, Nicholas A.

$161,000, 72 Burnett St, Dante Builders Inc, to Johnston, Susan E.

$158,000, 6 Walnut St, 42 Main Street Corp, to Whitney, Randall.

$154,794, 17 Alpine Trl, Haag, Kory D, to Stjacques, Stephanie, and Stjacques, Nathan.

$148,750, 5 Bancroft St, Davis, Elizabeth S, and Davis, Kirk A, to Caravalho, Adam J, and Prinos, Denise T.


$309,000, 72 Dudley Rd #72, Cliffside Development LLC, to Garbarino, Katherine E.


$339,000, 18 Bellingham Rd, Gill, Doreen T, and Gill, Kevin S, to Meader, Jeffrey L.

$230,000, 37 Rocco Dr, Boudreau, Jeffrey D, and Boudreau, Suzanne M, to Clark, Gary P.

$170,000, 97 Mendon St, Dollin, Doris A, to Brunetti, Richard D.


$590,000, 86 Green Rd, Nitzsche, John K, and Rough, Marcia, to Barrett, David, and Barrett, Maria.

$465,000, 46 Farm Rd, Mccune, Janet M, to Masterson, Christopher J.

$442,000, 233 Sugar Rd, Gentle Manor LLC, to Centofanti, Jeffrey P, and Centofanti, Julianne D.


$871,825, 12 Longley Hill Rd, Central St Boylston RT, and Ansari, A F, to Shemmeri, Thafur, and Shemmeri, Nida.


$425,000, 16 Quaboag St, Brookfield Properties LLC, to Burnett Properties LLC.

$30,000, 8-A Wells Rd, D&D Realty Dev Inc, to Quaboag Valley Prop Mgmt.

$30,000, Molasses Hill Rd #10, D&D Realty Dev Inc, to Garfield, Joyce M.

$30,000, Molasses Hill Rd #10, D&D Realty Dev Inc, to Quaboag Valley Prop Mgmt.


$287,025, 58 Harrington Rd, Passarelli, Lori A, and Green Tree Servicing LLC, to FNMA.

$279,000, 17 Larnerd Hill Rd, Connor, Thomas F, and Connor, Deborah A, to Peloquin, Mathieu E, and Peloquin, Miranda L.

$274,500, 214 Carpenter Hill Rd, Pikul, June I, to Deangelis, James J, and Ciprari, Kelly M.

$245,000, 9 Flint Rd, Mutual Builders Inc, to Leblanc, Michael P, and Leblanc, Katelyn.


$325,000, 27 Brendan Rd, Hammill, Justin T, and Hammill, Erin J, to Cassarino, Colleen, and Cassarino, Christopher.

$230,000, 918 Ridgefield Cir #B, Notaro, Gary, and Notaro, Marianne, to Dolimpio, David L, and Harger, Vicki L.

$207,000, 5 Kent St, Pizza Janet A Est, and Pizza, Mark A, to Klausner, Nathan J, and Klausner, Elizabeth B.

$206,000, 5 Highland Ave, Dolimpio, David L, and Dolimpio, Diane E, to Notaro, Gary, and Notaro, Marianne.

$40,000, Pond View Dr, Boston&Maine Corp, to South Meadow Way RT.


$330,000, 3 Darling Way, Dalton, Ruth A, and Dalton, Byron I, to Fequiere, Andal.

$163,000, 2 North St, Dana, James G, to Lynch, Stacy M.


$300,000, Corbin Rd, Stephan FT, and Moninski, Charles J, to Moninski, Charles J, and Moninski, Annabelle.

$270,000, 5 Jons Way #A, Oakview Estates LLC, to Gervasi, Richard A, and Gervasi, Catherine M.

$264,000, 55-A Mason Rd, Dorsey, Erin L, to Sullivan, Tommy L, and Gelinas-Sullivan, K J.

$250,000, 110 Ramshorn Rd, Farm Credit East, to Carroll, Timothy R.

$20,000, 152 Pierpont Rd, Tuohig, Barbara A, to Tuohig, Stephen P.


$1,950,000, 1011 Water St, 1011 Water Street LLC, to CSJ&M Fitchburg LLC.

$211,000, 10 Gloria Ave, Vautour, Noella M, and Clark, Crystalle M, to Dupuis, Ricky R.

$195,500, 492 Westminster Hill Rd, Walls, Kevin W, and Walls, Pamela A, to Knowles, Anthony B.

$185,000, 44 Belgian Way #44, Bouvier, Brian D, and Bouvier, Danielle, to Mcguinness, James R.

$169,000, 36-38 Green St, House T LLC, to Krikorian, Pamela J, and Krikorian, Brian A.

$158,136, 111 Fitch Hill Ave, StCyr, Albert N, and StCyr, Anne M, to Wells Fargo Financial MA.

$150,000, 1304 Franklin Rd, Higgins-Pollock, Lisa, to Cormier, Meghan M, and Brideau, Erik.

$125,500, 339 Oak Hill Rd, Wiljanen, Ashley L, and Dudley, Ashley L, to Saloom, Peter F, and Saloom, Linda.

$123,000, 187-189 Lincoln St, USA HUD, to Chaudhary, Mohammad M.

$108,000, 491 Pearl St, Holtz RT, and Holtz, Victoria, to Rodriguez, Hector I.

$70,000, 14 Wood St, Murray, Robert J, to Lemay, Taylor N.

$55,000, 46 Myrtle Ave, Worcester Cnty Mgmt Corp, to Worcester Cnty Mgmt Corp.

$55,000, 7 Weymouth St, Veterans, Affairs, to ICW Development LLC.

$50,000, 207 Plymouth St, Fitchburg Savings Bank, to Crown Press Props LLC.

$40,000, 18-20 Wood St, Murray, Robert J, to Lemay, Taylor N.

$10,000, Clinton St, Hunt Alice E Est, and Vilkas, Vincent A, to FSU Foundation Suppor Org.

$4,000, Clinton St, Walker Frank Est, and Walker, Delores, to FSU Foundation Suppor Org.


$227,500, 926 Kelton St, Dowd, Leslie, to Matuszewski, George M, and Matuszewski, Tammy L.

$190,000, 992 Clark St, Sherwin, Jeffrey B, and Sherwin, Teresa L, to Yi, Tae-Hwa, and Jones, Emily J.

$188,505, 385 Leo Dr, Wilder Brook Dev LC, to Downs, Christopher A, and Downs, Alicia E.

$152,000, 57 5th St, Bouchard, Ross M, and Bouchard, Sandy A, to Pierce, Nicholas M, and Pierce, Jaime L.

$149,500, 46 Bond St, Amidon, Nancy J, to Lauginiger, Nelody J.

$140,000, 491 West St, Smith&Smith Properties, to Parvey, Andrew, and Parvey, Jessica.

$94,900, 25 Becky Ave, Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, to NC Banks RT, and Scott, Naomi.

$35,000, 258 Union St, FNMA, to NC Banks RT, and Scott, Naomi.

$25,000, 130 Crystal Lake Dr, Gardner City Of, to New England Power Co.


$385,797, 11 Woodbridge Ct #20, Westwood Associates Inc, to Balu, Sivakumar S, and Kumar, Anitha S.

$309,000, 19 Alfalfa Dr #19, Oneil, Elizabeth L, to 19 Alfalfa Drive RT, and Sante, Albert J.

$302,500, 42 Edward Dr #42, Saxena, Nitin, and Saxena, Sonal, to Lee, Sang-Ho, and Lee, Yun-Ja.

$289,900, 250 Magill Dr #250, Yeoman, Stacey H, to Maher, Denis M, and Maher, Mary E.

$264,000, 152 Providence Rd #152, Tasillo, Dawn S, to Varley, Duane A, and Varley, Laura L.

$242,500, 11 Azalea Ln #11, Wentz, Alane E, to Lee...

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