Real Estate Transfers.

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COLUMN: Real Estate Transfers


$305,000, 16 Winding Cove Rd, Dacey RT, and Dacey, John S, to Weinberg, Mark T, and Krug, Erica.

$72,000, 20 Holden St, Hebert, Joseph, and Hebert, Raymond C, to Hill, Steven.

$60,000, 103 Fitchburg Rd, Household Finance Corp 2, to Kunz, Jack.

$500, 20 Holden St, Hebert, Joseph, and Hebert, Raymond C, to Bresnahan, Dorothy A.


$220,000, 381 South Rd, Drottar, Emil P, to Oetinger, Derek A, and Miller, Stacey B.

$180,000, 569 New Ipswich Rd, Reynolds, Nathan A, and Palmer, Karen, to Smith, Frank L.


$750,000, 494 School St, Athol Town Of, to School St Residences LP.

$300,000, 542 School St, Bennett, Robert H, and Bennett, Lorraine F, to School St Residences LP.

$165,000, 111 Colonial Dr, Lada, Mary E, to Caron, Valmore J, and Caron, Carol D.

$158,000, 1247 Pleasant St, Boland, Helen O, to Prizio, Patrick J.

$141,500, 7 Highland Ave, Depratti, Eugene A, and Depratti, Ermiline M, to Chagnon, Joel A, and Chagnon, Melissa L.

$125,000, 237 Brattle St, Stanley, Lorraine E, to Butler, Amy L.

$100,000, 425 New Sherborn Rd, Peterson, Michael F, and Peterson, Michael J, to Peterson, Michael F, and Peterson, Michael J.

$29,000, 265 Brattle St, Athol-Clinton Coop Bk, to A2Z RT, and Talbot, Melvin L.


$353,523, 30 Bridle Path, Emerson Homes Inc, to Bui, Trung.

$315,000, 13 Grove St, Sporna, Renata, and Sporna, Jan, to Dorsey, Heidi L, and Dorsey, James H.

$295,000, 7 Kimball Rd, Gilmore, Christopher, and Gilmore, Jennifer A, to Dangelo, Joseph.

$275,000, 15 Mayfield Rd, Sepuka LT, and Sepuka, Francis X, to Banks, David L, and Banks, Karen A.

$190,000, 85 Barnes St, Barclays Capital RE Inc, and Wells Fargo Bk, to Steinberg, Leah, and Steinberg, Warren.

$173,900, 13 Linda Ave, Sobosik, Paula, to Chillo, Scott C, and Holtz-chillo, Sarah E.

$170,000, 198 Prospect St, Luukko, Sulo R, and Luukko, Eileen M, to Belhumeur, Mary R, and Belhumeur, Roger G.

$110,000, 30 Bridle Path, Prospect Hill Estates LLC, to Emerson Homes Inc.

$37,000, 427 Leicester St, Thomas, Joseph P, to Kusy, Frank P, and Kusy, Darlene M.


$180,000, 175 S Barre Rd, Hanley, Teresa J, and Woodbury, Teresa J, to Holloway, Charles, and Fagerstrom, Carey.

$179,500, 471 Summer St, Giarusso, Irene S, to Fontaine, Dianne J, and Fontaine, Stephen M.

$175,000, 53 Cathy Ln, Staiti, Kim S, to White, Lucia, and White, Timothy C.

$175,000, 755 Worcester Rd, Sottile Michael S Est, and Sottile, Katherine L, to Rogan, Nancy O.

$125,000, 245 Peach St, BAC Home Loans Svcng LP, and Bank Of New York Mellon, to Gibree, Thomas A, and Gibree, Maryann E.

$97,000, 1000 Old Stage Rd, Flagg, Brian W, and Clinton SB, to Campbell, Justin.


$245,000, 60 Gates Pond Rd, Vaughan, Warren S, to Lee, Richard P, and Lee, Julie A.

$240,000, 172 River Rd W, Avidia Bk, to S Richard Homes Inc.

$220,000, 27 Marlboro Rd, Fernette, Paul E, to Ramsay, David H.


$255,000, 28 Reilly Ave, Guerette, Jeannine T, and Guerette, Roland D, to Eknaian, Dawn M.


$485,025, 1 Pondside Ln #35, Heritage Manor Dev LLC, to Toth, Stephen F.

$100,000, 433 S Bolton Rd, FNMA, and Fannie, Mae, to Casello, Laura S, and Casello, Peter N.


$257,000, 635 Main St, Twamley, Sara, to Garvey, Mark T.

$177,500, 310 Edgebrook Dr #310, Flaherty, Andrew, and Flaherty, Heather, to Resendes, Christine M, and Perna, Andrew P.

$172,000, 182 Mill Rd, Dunn, James E, to Beals, Joshua T.

$153,000, 20 Nicholas Ave, Karas, Amy S, to Gaimari, Pasquale A.


$87,200, 51 Holland Rd, Roppolo, Eric, and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co.


$220,000, 238 Brookfield Rd, Thibodeau, Kevin M, to Bachand, Jay R.

$200,000, 190 Oxford Rd, Parmenter, Karen A, and Parmenter, Elmer C, to Carragher, Rachel A.

$155,000, 37 Cranberry Meadow Shore Rd, Chionna, Antonio, to Benoit, Dennis.

$82,000, Casey Rd #Multi, GEM Builders Inc, and Commonwealth NB, to CNB Prop LLC.

$65,000, Chelsie Way #1, Elliott, John W, to Mutual Bldrs Inc.


$1,500,000, Berlin St #Multi, Tall Pines Realty Corp, and Clinton SB, to Wachusett Woodlands LLC.

$326,950, 5 Lydia Ln, Fitch Road RT, and Carpenter, George A, to Seeley, Richard T, and Montagna, Carolyn.

$264,900, 89 Beech St, Wallace, Craig D, and Wallace, Melissa A, to Wetherell, Margaret A.

$230,000, 123 Beacon St, Lane, Matthew S, and Lane, Stacy D, to Papagno, Daniel R.

$218,000, 1 Myles Standish Rd, Bates, Robert B, and Kelleher, Barbara B, to Sharon, Arthur, and Sharon, Lorraine A.


$315,000, 228 Wallum Lake Rd, Ricci, Anthony P, and Ricci, Helena J, to Bielunis, David J, and Bielunis, Christina A.

$260,500, 26 Pond St, Sullivan, Robert M, and Sullivan, Jennifer L, to Ethier, Rebecca M, and Eland, Travis M.

$150,000, Isabella Dr, Monroe Street RT, and Emerald Funding Inc, to Emerald Funding Inc.

$23,000, 100 Vine St, Braley, Scott, to Lefrancois, George.


$1,100,000, 38 Roberts Rd, Compagnone Prop, and Compagnone, Joseph A, to Mace Polymers&Additives.

$367,800, 147 W Main St, Skowron, Michael, and Skowron, Sarah, to Mbsutor LLC, and Mbsutor Inc.

$197,000, 86 Southbridge Rd, Belnager, Ernest E, and Belnager, Dorothy M, to Wierzchowiec, Michael L, and Wierzchowiec, Bogdan.

$175,500, 12 Alton Dr, Rondeau, James A, and Rondeau, Frances E, to Korch, Robin.

$161,000, 9 Francis Dr, US Bk, and Wells Fargo Bk, to Okelley, James M, and Okelley, Ginny R.

$150,000, 12 Village St, Manzi, Todd R, and Durkee, Deanna J, to Paul-emile, Harry J.

East Brookfield

$219,000, 109 Daniels Dr, Curtis, Howard, and Curtis, Janice A, to Obrzut, David J, and Putnam, Kerry A.

$170,000, 118 Lashaway Drive Cir, Jodaitis, George M, to Scribner, Walter P.

$150,000, 109 Faith Dr, Mcinnes, Dawn L, and Savage, Dawn L, to Rossi, John J.


$250,000, 100 Whalon St #1A, New Korn RT 2, and Korn, Marcel, to Majestic Properties LLC.

$184,300, 105 Sanborn St, Traditional Concepts Inc, to Normandin, Nathan R.

$165,000, 703 Blossom St, Burns, Bruce H, to Martin, Shane J.

$162,000, 64 Everett St, ACG RT, and Gastalos, Arthur C, to Bixby, Lorne S.

$150,000, 38 Hartford St, Sebek, Vlastislav, and Sebek, Fawn, to Castillo, Guillermo, and Castro, Gabriela A.

$144,000, 18 Belmont St, Wilson, Donna J, to Thibodeau, Keith R, and Thibodeau, Tricia N.

$142,506, 58 Simonds St, Stafford, Darrin J, to FNMA.

$98,000, 254 Pearl St, HSBC Mortgage Svcs Inc, to Flanagan, Kelly D.

$84,900, 13 Cascade St, Collette, Shawn T, to Suarez, Yohan.

$58,000, 97 Franklin St #3, Household Finance Corp 2, and LPS Asset Mgmt Inc, to Theta Holdings LLC.

$22,000, 69 Beech St, 70 Prop LLC, to Unified Group LLC.

$18,000, 90 Woodland St, GRP Loan LLC, to Rudy T J RE LLC.

$11,916, 69 Beech St, Stonecrest Invests LLC, to 70 Properties LLC.

$9,916, 66 Columbus St, Stonecrest Invests LLC, to 70 Properties LLC.

$7,900, Kimball Rd #B, Roldan, Marcelo, and Roldan, Tatyana, to Fligg, Brian M, and Fligg, Lynn M.

$5,000, Melrose St, Cunha, Christopher, and Cunha, Jacqueline Marie, to Stonionis, Christopher, and Halloran, Michael.


$399,000, 175 Parker St, FNMA, to Acadien Social Club.

$249,900, 876 Kelton St, Neveu, Jean-noel P, and Neveu, Amy A, to Kirby, Jason P, and Kirby, Keo.

$189,900, 157 W Broadway, Monette, Virginia A, and Monette, Frederick G, to Camejo, Gerardo A, and Arlig-camejo, Anne.

$159,000, 200 Park St, Vanhoof, Richard, to Boutell, Randy T.

$135,000, 32 Waterford St, Kulczyk, Thaddeus S, to Petith, Joshua J.

$120,000, 263 Park St, Ouellette Raymond R Est, and Ouellette, Gary, to Napoleon Club Of Gardner.

$114,400, 20 Franklin Ct, TD Bank NA, to Simov, Elmir.

$95,000, 44 Olde Colonial Dr #5, Jalutkewicz, Andrea L, to Forten, Kristen L.

$84,500, 82 Princeton St, Girard, David A, and Girard, Sylvia A, to Adam C Sands Gst T, and Girard, David A.


$334,000, 66 Lincoln Ln #66, Forest Hills LP, and Commons Dev Grp Inc, to Shinde, Vikrant.

$306,000, 36 Snow Rd, Varriale, Victor T, and Varriale, Karen M, to Casella, Anthony J, and Casella, Alyson D.

$295,500, 10 Bedford Dr, Kissam, Hunter R, to Scott, Nina M, and Scott, John Louis.

$240,000, 25 Amherst St, Dacier, Carol, and Brady, Carol, to Kelly, Ryan C, and Kelly, Gillian.

$234,900, 92 Lordvale Blvd #92, Hesshaus, Michael E, to Shapiro, Stephanie B, and Hayes, Kevin F.

$205,000, 230 Brigham Hill Rd, Pollinger, Mary, to Mead, Christopher J, and Mead, Farrell L.

$181,500, 42 Gordon Cir #42, Ridgemont Prop Inc, to Sugarman, Michael E, and Sugarman, Kelly.

$20,000, 84 Old Westboro Rd, Harrington, John C, to Millbury NB.


$150,000, 500 Upper Church St, Fulton-Schoonmaker, Joyce, and Rabschnuk, Joseph E, to Cierpich, Charles A, and Hanson, Molly J.

$58,300, 71 Joslyn Rd, USA HUD, and Cityside Mgmt Corp, to Sagendorph, Paul R, and Tracy-Sagendorph, Amy.


$580,000, 10 Madigan Ln, Palli, Kim M, to Little, Matthew, and Little, Lisa.

$522,000, 24 Babbit Ln, Wright, Mydelle, and Mccandless, Mydelle W, to Petrossi, Daniel R, and Petrossi, Kathryn H.

$450,000, 4 Mettacomet Path, Bourgeois, Gerald M, to Bartlett, Roman K, and Bartlett, Jeanne M.

$340,000, 313 Ayer Rd, Lombardelli, Joseph, and MERS, to Bank Of New York Mellon.


$433,000, 208 Holden St, Mackay, Deborah, to Mclaren, David S, and Burke, Kimberly A.

$369,004, 151 Blair Dr, Alden Woods Inc, and Blair Enterprises Inc, to Herlihy, Denis M, and Herlihy, Melissa A.

$308,000, 55 Steele St, NE...

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