As they saw it: Writers took part in a lively local dialogue.


In addition to being a source of information and opinion, a newspaper also acts as a forum for public discussion of matters of general interest affecting the people and communities it serves.

So besides printing 2,280 letters and hundreds of local and syndicated columns in 2007, the Telegram & Gazette also opened its Commentary page to columns by our readers.

In the course of the year, we published "As I See It" columns on a wide range of topics by 137 people from Worcester, Central Massachusetts and beyond.

Our guest writers spanned a broad range of ideology and points of view, contributing to a continuing community dialogue made richer for the diversity of voices.

Our thanks to all of the As I See It authors who took the time in 2007 to join the civic discussion:

Stephen J. Adams, Joseph Altruda, Frances M. Anthes, Ellen Arnold, Daniel M. Asquino, John Auerbach, Robert S. Bachelder, Joseph Preston Baratta, Bruce Bender, Laura S. Bender, Dennis Berkey, Sheldon H. Berman, Thomas F. Birmingham, George L. Blackburn, William T. Breault, Stephen M. Brewer, Brian J. Buckley, Brian P. Burke, Marylou Buyse, Jack P. Calareso, Terry Callahan, Gary Chalmers, Harriette L. Chandler, Mark Cheffers, Charles D. Chieppo, Charlemagne Chimbangu, Dante Comparetto, David Cortese, Michael Covino.

Also, Fairman C. Cowan, Joan L. Crowell, Mary Crowley, Robert L. Culver, Ravi Datta, Terri Davidson, Perry P. Davis, John R. Deitrick, Mauro DePasquale, Hans G. Despain, Bernard J. Dobski, Richard Doherty, Janet S. Domenitz, J. Ronald Eastman, Patricia O'Leary Engdahl, Frederick H. Eppinger, Walter Ettinger, Randy Feldman, Zoila Torres Feldman, Harvey Fenigsohn, Michael F. Fitzpatrick, Rabbi Hershel Fogelman, Norma F. Fox, John P. Fresolo, Paul K. Frost, Jamie Gass, Patricia George, Gary L...

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