Sports Street is the address for happy holidays.


Byline: Nick Manzello


Another year has passed on Sports Street, and what a year it was with the Boston Celtics winning their 17th NBA title, the Red Sox reaching Game 7 of the ALCS, and the Patriots just missing a perfect season. And how about those Bruins?

As usual on Christmas morning, we find that the big fella has made his annual magical visit, and we wish everyone the happiest of holidays.

The long list includes: Nychel, John, Anne, Emma and Morgan Kennedy, Steve and Mary Larson, Kathryn, Ronnie, Katie, Jena Beauregard, Lisa, Julie, Lauran Manzello, Gov. Deval Patrick, Lt. Gov. Tim Murray, State Auditor Joe DiNucci, Bob Cousy, Rev. John Brooks, U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern, Ken Kaufman, George Ayik Ken and Chris Zirkle, Joe Early Jr., Jenn and Jack Parks, Tim Connolly, Gov. Councilor Tommy Foley, Paul Tinsley, Dr. T.J. Fitzgerald, Les Sadowsky, Frank Porcaro Jr., Paul Cellucci, John O'Brien, Dr. John Sullivan, Dr. Francis Bohdiewicz, Allen Fletcher, Sheriff Guy Glodis, City Manager Mike O'Brien, Ted and Audrey Mingolla, Kevin O'Sullivan, Lisa Markarian Labossiere, Bishop Daniel Reilly, State Rep. Karen Polito, Rev. John Roy, Tommy Noonan, Paul and Claire Cantiani, Mike Mazzola, Duddie Massad, Linda, Isabelle, Kyle and Abby Boria, Ed Gardella, Fire Chief Gerry Dio, Police Chief Gary Gemme and Donna Gemme, Gabe and Chick Simon, J.P. Ricciardi, Greg and Peg MacGilpin, big sports man Rich Messier and his wife Kay Harding, Jim and Maryanne Kenary, Tommy Colletta, Matt, Helen and George Panagiotou, Ray Cozzolino, Peter Blute, John Conte, Joseph Lian, Joe and Dick Eid, Deputy Chief Carlo Genatassio, Paul Morgan, Lt. Joe, Julie, Brian and Matt D'Andrea, Ray Perrone Sr., Wayne Sampson, Joe Cohen, Keith Anyan, State Rep. John Fresolo, Ed Augustus, State Sens. Mike Moore and Harriette Chandler, Ralph Raymond, Jordan Levy, Mike Marcy, Kevin and Katie Mercadante, State Rep. Paul Kujawski.

The gang at Shakers-Llazar and Pavlima Tollkuci, Zack McCabe, Jimmy David, Viti Pigaga, John Festa, Jack Kiley.

Dan Sullivan, Ted Budzyna, Beth Sanella, George Reynolds, Beth Simon, Ed Canty, Tom Manning, Michael Greene, Mike Donahue, Bob Szklarz and family, Nancy Grimaldi, the Rev. Mike Bafaro, Tony Vigliotti, Dave, Joe and Mike Marzo, John Buell, Mike Perotto, Bob Bernstein, Billy Bernstein, Paul Giorgio, Norm Peters, Kevin Condron, Mark Love, Bob Cook, Anthony Paravano, Matt Goldberg, Bob O'Keefe, Tommy and Betty Scano, Fran Penny, John, Lisa, Josh, Meghan and Tiana Marie Smith, Barbara Smith, Steve and Lucille Stankus, Gerry Belsito, Marc and Lisa Vaillette, Sydney Scott.

Dick Cravedi's Wexford House gang - Spider Capalbo, Pam and Jimmy Beahn, Alan and Debby Erickson, Bill and Maureen Legay, Jim White, Cindi and Rich Baker. Mike, Tina, Heather and Andrea DiTerlizzi. Sim and Bob Fourcare, Kathy Orell, Frank Bovenzi, Joe Paperalla.

Stephen, Timmy, Michael and Brenda, John and Lisa, Billy Jr. and Kim, David and Maru, Christopher Smith and Jacqui, Peter, Jenn and Valerie Buffone, Joe Sr., Nancy, Joe Jr., Jesse and Lauren Metivier. Jim and Margaret Lloyd, Peggy, Jimmy, Joey, Johnny Lloyd and families, Scott, Patty and Ashley Martin, Dan, Doreen Desimone and families. Dan Smachetti, Monica Mirianda, Diep Mong and Art Ward and family. Mike Ross, Tiger Capalbo, Ronnie and Dave Fields, Chick Tonelli, Mike Campaniello, Peter Amorello, Paul Vuona, John Fraioli, Mike Sampson, John Gibbons, Paul Clancy, Rich Gedman, Tom Zidelis, Bob and Scott Tefft, Bob McCauley, Bob Moylan, Bill Short, Stu and Phyllis Freilich, Tim Cooney, Steve Antonelli, Dennis Irish, Joe Siciliano, Billy Eddy and Margaret Donoghue-Eddy and family.

The gang on Century Drive - Ed Manzello, Joe Gentile, Deb Tenney, Cheryl Wills, Jeff Auger, Melissa and sister MaryAnn, Bob and Greg, Tanya Seelandt, Charlie DeSourdy, Peter Marleau, Tom Kontos. Ray Gaspari, Alex Cole, Scott Duszlak. Dennis O'Malley, Amanda Finnegan, Laurie Walcott, Mike McCluskey, Jenn Johnson, Steve Mayotte, big Red Sox fan Debbie Booth, Karen Cooney, Ramon Santana, Bill Killeen, Oralyis Roman, Jasmine Abdella, Stephanie Bailey, John Orijuke, Laura Hoey, Thurman Hargrove and Martha, Skip and Jenn. My new friends at Tech Target - Carrie, Steve Donker, Steve Hart, Ron and Ken Escobales, big George, Shawna, Brian DiGeronimo, Stephanie Cunningham, Chris Harnois, Dawnelle, Ethan Caouette, Tracy West, Tim McElaney, Rick Bullins, Renne Bloom.

Paul LaCava, Joe Capone, Phil Niddrie, Joe Petty, Stacey DeBoise, Ogreta McNeil, Paul Phillips, Bob Kenney, Larry Riley, Rev. Billy Sanders, Rev. Rocco Piccolomini, Rev. James Aquino, Ralph Willard, Ray McGrath, Harvey Isakson, Carl, Nancy, Kelly and Erin Christensen, Shawn, Erica and Brian Paradis, Sean Lynch, Franny, Don and Maureen...

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