$4 million stimulus helping city focus on low-income kids; Early literacy program to be developed.


Byline: Danielle M. Williamson

WORCESTER - Brian E. Allen, chief financial officer for the Worcester public schools, says nearly $4 million in additional grant money will give the district a jump-start as the schools build on programs for low-income students.

Anticipating the extra Title 1 money, school officials have already laid out tentative plans for its use. They include investing in programs that provide early intervention and support for students, and expanding professional development opportunities.

The money will let Worcester develop early literacy programs for its youngest and neediest students. Existing teachers will get more training to help them strengthen programs, which will continue even after the grant money runs out in two years, Mr. Allen said.

"We're trying not to hire any new staff with this money because that wouldn't be sustainable," he said.

Gov. Deval L. Patrick has announced $163 million in federal stimulus money will go to high-poverty schools in Massachusetts.

He said yesterday the Title 1 federal grants...

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