$19M supplemental budget proposed.


BOSTON - Gov. Deval L. Patrick filed a $19 million spending plan yesterday, including money for intervention services for children, shelter beds for the homeless and emergency assistance for the elderly and disabled.

Patrick said spending on the $19 million supplemental budget for fiscal 2007 would be offset by $22.4 million in combined new revenue and spending reductions tied to surplus funding. The remaining $3.4 million would be returned to the state's general fund.

"This is the kind of flexibility and creativity that I am asking for from my team," Patrick said in a statement.

The minibudget legislation calls for a fraction of the amount of the approximately $26 billion state budget.

Patrick is working on his version of the state budget for fiscal 2008, which should serve as a blueprint for the House and Senate versions.

The supplemental budget includes $4.1 million to fund higher caseloads at the Emergency Assistance...

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