1947 - Trumbull Square - 2012.


WORCESTER - Trumbull Square was the site of the O'Flynn stables, shown below left as they looked in 1947. The bridge in the photo on top was a feature of Trumbull Square, though not visible in the 1947 photo. The O'Flynn stables looked out onto Trumbull Square from approximately where the traffic lights are in the top photo.

The beginning of Green Street, where it now intersects with McGrath Bloulevard, is under the tunnel at right in the top photo. Green Street at one point ran from Trumbull Square to Kelley Square.

Much of the area near the stables was leveled to make way for Worcester Center, which is now being leveled to make way for CitySquare. Judging by photographs from earlier days, Trumbull Square was quite busy, with cars going every which way and billboards lining the roofs of several buildings.

The O'Flynn stables certainly didn't go down easily, providing horse-and-carriage service decades into the automotive era. But by the 1950s, the company had traded its horseshoes for radials, and even the car dealership that replaced it didn't last too long.


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