Virtual job interview coming.

Author:Kennedy, Joyce Lain

Byline: Joyce Lain Kennedy

Q: I bet a friend $10 that we will experience virtual reality job interviews within a few years, maybe 2015. Your take? -- K.K.

A: It's almost a certainty that virtual reality job interviewing will be upon us "soon,'' but you probably made the bet because you know that we've been hearing about impending virtual reality marvels for a couple of decades.

Virtual reality defined: To clarify the nature of the VR concept, technology expert and writer Jonathan Strickland described virtual reality in as "using computer technology to create a simulated, three-dimensional world that a user can manipulate and explore while feeling as if he were in that world.''

How it could work: An experienced recruiter who has tested virtual reality equipment writes that it may finally burst on the employment scene within the next couple of years. In "Recruiting in Cyberspace,'' Douglas Friedman at describes a candidate being interviewed by a three-person company team working from three locations, including as far away as China.

You care because ... Reasons to pay attention to the coming debut of virtual reality job interviews include:

1) Competition: There's a likelihood of additional offshoring and outsourcing of jobs to the world job market by large U.S. employers.

2) Group interviewing: Whether virtual reality interview questioners are in the United States or abroad, hiring authorities will have an additional platform that facilitates multiple decision-makers to assess whether they like you and whether you'll fit into their operation.

Tip: Find out in advance if you're headed for a group interview. If so, ask for a list of interviewers that includes names and job titles. Greet each person and express your appreciation for the invitation to meet.

When the interview is over, thank the group again. For example, "I appreciate our meeting today. I enjoyed being with you. This interview confirmed my research indicating that this company is a good place to work. I'll look forward to hearing from you and, hopefully, joining you.''

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