...Walls of shame; Graffiti that's just vandalism.

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COLUMN: In our opinion

There should be, and we trust there always will be, a place in society for public art - be it elegant brass sculptures, the designs of plazas and fountains, Art Deco murals, or even the zany and colorful animal figurines that you see on the corners of streets in certain cities. The facades of historic buildings also tell tales of times past, and express the richness and luxury of an age when utility did not trump all expression of whimsy.

But the "art" of graffiti artists is little more than vandalism and destruction of property. It was gratifying to see that 27-year-old Danielle Bremner, convicted on 13 counts of vandalism and "tagging," was sentenced in Boston Municipal Court last week to six months in jail, given probation, ordered to undergo mental-health...

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