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Position:EDITORIAL - Editorial


During 2007, the Telegram & Gazette published 2,280 letters to the editor on a broad range of topics of general interest.

The writers' names are listed on these pages. (Letter of the Week writers are in boldface type.)

We are gratified that thousands of our readers consider our letters section, The People's Forum, to be just that - a forum in which the agenda is set by the people, not politicians or pundits.

All letters meeting our guidelines appear in print.

We publish letters expressing all shades of opinion. We feel a special obligation to print comments on our editorials and news coverage. We invite constructive criticism and observations.

Letters must be no longer than 250 words, election/endorsement letters no longer than 100 words. Letters that exceed those limits will be returned to be shortened.

We limit an individual to one published letter every two months.

We reserve the right to edit letters.

Letters must be the writers' original work. We do not publish reprints, quotations, "open letters" or letters written for other publications. We rarely publish letters from outside our circulation area.

Letters should be of general public interest. We do not publish letters that are strictly personal, including letters dealing solely with personal religious beliefs, routine thank-you letters to individuals or organizations or letters from candidates thanking voters or campaign workers.

We do not publish letters written in verse or essay form.

We do not publish letters about damaged or missing property or pets.

At times, when we believe a given topic has been exhausted, we call a halt to further comments.

We do not publish letters that we believe come under libel laws. Material can be libelous if it holds a private person or organization up to hatred, contempt, suspicion of wrongdoing, scorn or ridicule. We review letters about active court cases carefully.

We do not publish hate mail or letters that are obviously offensive to good taste.

We do not publish letters that are unsigned, unverifiable or unintelligible.

Political endorsements and letters concerning municipal elections must be received at least 10 working days before the election and must be no longer than 100 words.

Class project letters must be submitted together with a cover letter listing the school, teachers and grade. Because of limited space, we can only publish one representative letter, which will be selected by our editorial board.

Letters must be sent with the writer's full name. Initials and nicknames are not acceptable. Writers must include a complete home address and a handwritten signature - in the case of e-mailed letters telephone number(s) - for verification purposes.

These guidelines have been crafted to give a maximum number of writers the opportunity to be represented in our letters to the editor column, The People's Forum.

2,280 letters printed in 2007

Hope Abisamra

Daniel Abraham

Luis E. Abruna

Albert Acevedo

Jeremiah C. Adams

Kevin Adams

Mark S. Adams

Stephen J. Adams

Brian Addeo

Andrea Ader

Mark B. Adler

Richard J. Agbay

George M. Aghjayan

Michael Ahearn

Celeste Aiello

Allison Alaimo

Mark Alarie

Patricia M. Albrecht

Marion J. Aldrich

Donna Alexandrovich

Geraldo Alicea

Joanne Alinovi

Karrie Allen

Nancy Allen

Gary Alperson

Lori O. Altobelli

James S. Alty

Deborah Amaral

Marcia Amaral

Stacy Amaral

John Pierre Ameer

David B. Ames

Marilyn Wilcox-Anderson

Mary Ellen Anderson

Peter Anderson

Ralph W. Anderson Jr.

Scott Anderson

Herbert J. Andrews

Sebastian Angel

Michael P. Angelini

Jeffrey Ankstitus

Rick Annuziata

Gary Antinarella

Rachel Armington

John D. Arbuckle

Jason A. Archie

Christopher Isaac Ariel

Diane M. Armillei

Michael Armstrong

Jeffrey Jensen Arnett

Herbert Arnold

Jega A. Arulpragasam

Michael Ashby

Frances Askin

Theresa Asquith

Gregory N. Assoian

Lynne A. Aubrey

Bruce A. Auger

Barbara Augustus

Edward M. Augustus Jr.

Karen M. Avedian

James Avedisian

Brandon Avery

Alfred M. Awad

Desiree A. Awiszio

Alan Aymes

Alan Ayotte

Beverly B. Bachelder

Robert S. Bachelder

Michael D. Badger

Linda Bagdasarian

Nancy Bakanowsky

Abby Wheeler Baker

James W. Baker

Peter B. Baker

Ralph Baker

Carlo M. Baldino

Michael Baldino

Richard Ball

Laurie Baniukiewicz

Robert A. Barakat

David Barbale

Carol Baribeau

Diane M. Barletta

Whitney A. Barnard

Margot Barnet

Carol Baron

Gordon Barr

Rod Barry

Robert Bartholomew

H. Milton Bartlett

Corey Barton

John E. Bassett

Jack Battey

Timothy & Sally Bauman

Frederick J. Bazinet

Matthew J. Beach

Chastain Beal

Marcia Beal

Joyce L. Beams

Susan A. Benson

Nadia Beard

James M. Beaudoin

Paul Beck

Gayle M. Beer

David E. Bedard

Joan Bedard

Gregory F. Beeman

Donna Belanger

Douglas A. Belanger

Nicole Belanger

Sandra J. Belba

Andrew P. Bell Jr.

Wayne E. Belles

Andrew Bellesis

Christine Bellesis

Albert J. Belmonte

Michael Benedetti

Brennan J. Bennett

Dawn C. Bennett

Kenneth R. Benoit Sr.

Joseph R. Benotti

Ruth M. Benson

Paul D. Berg

Dana Bergman

Morris A. Bergman

Robert Berlyn

Jonathan Berman

Joanne E. Bernard

Justin M. Bernard

Seth Bernstein

Evelyn V. Berthiaume

Patricia Berthiaume

Darlene Berube

Walter Bickford

Barry Bilzerian

Seth & Tina Bilazarian

Devin Bird

John P. Bird

Brooke Bishara

Dennis Bishop

Georgette J. Bishop

Joseph A. Bisol

Joseph J. Bissonnette

Cynthia Bittner

Jeffrey Black

Susan Black

John Blackman

Diane Blake

Eliza Blanchard

Jacqueline Blanchard

Norma Blanchard

Barbara F. Blavackas

Richard Blevins

Nancy L. Blomquist

Margaret Blood

Ashley Bock

Alyson Bodai

William H. Bode

Karen Boehnke

Andrew Bogan

Matthew & Sharon Bolduc

Robert J. Bolduc

Ed Bolen

Mary G. Bombard

Paul L. Bondi

Elizabeth Boosahda

Emily H. Boosahda

Mary T. Boraccini

Rosalie Borek

Janet Borelli

Howard Borer

Jennifer Borjeson

Henry W. Bottcher Jr.

Kimberly Bouchard

Harold Boucher

Susan Boucher

Raymond R. Bourque

Barry L. & Marion R.


Frank F. Bovenzi

Leilani Bowie

Torkom Boyajian

Bari Boyer

Stephanie L. Boyles

Joseph Boynton

Reed Boynton

Carol Rae Bradford

Donald L. Bradford

Janae M. Bradshaw

Bernard F. Bradstreet

F. Joseph Brady

David Bramhall

Peter A. Branagan

Trudy Bratkon

Gray Brechin

Betty Brehio

Robert Breidenthal

Robert Brennan

Terrance J. Brennan

David A. Brigham

Avis B. Britton

Carol Brodeur

Regina Brodeur

Robert Brodeur

Julia Brody

Brian Bronzo

David A. Brooks

Linda Brosnahan

Allan Brown

Letetia H. Brown

Matthew R. Brown

Nancy Joy Brown

Sheila Brown

Sophia Brozowski

Arthur Brunell Jr.

Christopher Buchanan

Jacqueline Buck

William Buckler

Kathy Budua

Claire M. Budzinski

Brian J. Bullock

Shelley J. Buma

Linda Buono

Jenny Burgos

Clarence Burley

Charlotte Burns

Nancy K. Burns

Paul Busby

Alyne Butland

Deborah Sirotkin Butler

Douglas P. Butler

Wendell P. & Dorothy


Virginia M. Byrne

Thomas Cabral

Mary S. Caforio

Eugene V. Caille Jr.

Jane N. Cain

Robert Cain

Marcia J. Cairns

Bruce W. Caissie

Charles T. Caliri

Ruth Caldwell

James Matthew Callahan

Mary V.C. Callahan

Joan E. Calverley

Patsy Cameron

Jeffrey Cammuso

Michael Campaniello

James & Mary Canavan

Nancy Candito

Colleen Cante

Diana Canterbury

Kevin Cantwell

Nancy-Jo Caplan

Jo Caplin

Pamela J. Capp

Robert G. Caprera

Gail E. Carberry

Joseph L. Carbone Sr.

Shirley Carbone

Peter Carbonneau

Sheryl Cardin

Robert W. Cardoza

Isabel B. Carleton

Mary Carlin

Andrew Carlson

Conrad H. Carlson

Donna M. Carlson

Eric W. Carlson

Howard Carney

Bradford Caron

Brian Caron

Marilyn Caron

Rebecca Caron

Edward Carpenter

Timothy Carpenter

Gregory Carr

Linda S. Carr

Linda Carrasco

Siomonne Carrigan

Mary Carrington

Francis R. Carroll

Karen Scott Carter

Hannah Caruso

Deborah D. Cary

Mark Caseau

Joseph Casello

Francis J. Casey

Scott C. Cashman

Frank Cassidy

Katherine Cavaliere

Michael J. Cave

Paul Cellucci

America Cepeda

James P. Chabot

Ellen M. Chambers

Robert Champagne

Avad R. Chandra

Steve Changaris

Pauline Charbonneau

Kayla Charest

Henry J. Charron

Jean Charron

Arthur E. Chase

Charlotte Chase

Nick & Bobbie Chase

John Chatalian

Devin Chausse

Mark L. Cheffers

Kathleen Chencharik

Selma Cherkas

Richard L. Chernisky

Wildred Rachel Chery

Donald & Teena Cherry

Eben Chesebrough

Julie Chiappinelli

Joseph W. Chiapulis

Henry Chin

Robert C. Chisholm

Gillis Choquette

Robert Choquette

Louis Cianciulli

Robert Cierpich

Stephen D. Cignetti

Roberta J. Cioci

Ronald Peter Ciras

Leonard Ciuffredo

Gary Clark

Patricia Clark

Richard Clark

Robert Cleary

Harry Clemmer

John Clemmer

William C. Clemmer

Gerald & Ann Cohen

Joseph Cohen

Marjorie M. Cohen

Marilyn Colaianni

Daniel Colby

John Cole

Donna L. Coleman

George M. Coleman

William S. Coleman III

Paula Collins

Dante Comparetto

Joseph E. Connarton

Cathleen Connolly

Andre Connors

Nancy Conrad

Steven Consilvio

Brian J. Cook

Jonathan Cook

Lauren Cook

Wayne Cooke

Richard Cooper

Charlotte E. Coppola

Arthur L. Cormier

Nancy Cormier

Melissa Cornacchioli

Thomas J. Corrigan

John D. Cortelli

James F. Cosgrove

Joseph K. Cosgrove

Edward F. Cote Jr.

Joan Cotter

Alan G. Court

Robert J. Courtney

Carol Cox

Renata Cox

Terry L. Cox

David Coyne

Sally Cragin

Kyle Crand

Jon Crandall

Richard M. Creamer

Joan M. Cronin

Patrice M. Cronin

Robert T. Cronin

Otis C. Crook

Janet L. Croshaw

Constance Cross

Kevin Cross

Linda Cross

Andrew Crouse

William J. Cullen

Michael Cullinan

William D. Cunningham

Pasquale Curini

Robert Curran

Jonathan Curtis

Loretta Cusick

Douglas A. Cutler

Janet Cutman

Paul & Anita Cyr

Diane Dabrowski

Jesse Dagilis

Jill C. Dagilis

Becky Dalke

Daniel Daly

William M. Daly

Gerard D'Amico

Laurie D'Amico

Mark Daniels

Steve Danielson

Margaret D'Arcy

Leonard & Margaret


Cassandra Datena

Gordon T. Davis

John A. Davis

Joseph Davis

Marianne Davis

Barbara Dean

Jeffrey Decoteau

Erin deGraaf

Katherine Delehaunty

Joseph DelGizzi

John L. Dellasanta

Paul Della Valle

Richard Del Nero

Rinaldo & May DelSignore

Richard DeLuca

Christopher DelVecchio

Christian W. deMarcken

John J. De Marco

Leonard Demers

Paul DeMeo

Rita M. DeNitti

Kathleen M. Dennehy

Barbara Judson DePalo

Maurice M. DePalo

Alfred DePasquale

Mauro DePasquale

Donald Deprez

Ann Derderian

Pauline M. De...

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